Israel Folau scores a try

More Laws?

With the minor victory of Israel Folau, the Church and other idiots are calling for new laws to protect religious freedom. What the Hell are these people thinking.

We don’t need more Government interference to ensure our freedom. We need less – preferably much less.

This whole debacle was entirely predictable. It emanated from laws which were passed, and then retained, against the wishes of the great majority of actual Aussies.

Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is the cancer which has spawned this mess, yet its intention was to protect against religious discrimination.

It was conceived, written, promoted and retained in large measure through the actions of the organised Jewish community.

They felt that if Australians were allowed to say mean things about Jews that we would all soon be pulling on Jack boots and rounding them up in cattle trucks.

Never mind that Australians had never engaged in this type of behaviour. Never mind that Australians died by the thousand fighting against such insanity.

There is no greater protection for all citizens, whether minority or majority, than freedom of speech.

The right to defend oneself in reasoned argument is a protection that no one should be without.

Giving the Government the right to prosecute people for discrimination,  just allows them to decide who is discriminated against and who isn’t. That is a really bad idea.

For instance, right now, the Human Rights Commission is a joke of a department who are only interested in attacking traditional Australians.

Never, do they side with the interests of a traditional Aussie. Yet, in the future, who can say what will happen if a different crowd wrests control of this behemoth.

Will it be Gingers who start copping it in the neck, or will it be Albanians, the disabled – or Jews?

Free Speech is Crucial

The Government should not be allowed to stop people from discriminating by squashing their free speech. Why? Because unlike our fellow citizens, the State has a monopoly on violence.

That is why Government should never be allowed to decide what opinions I can express, or who I can hire to mow my lawn.

That, is a recipe for hideous totalitarian oppression. We have avoided that disaster in the Anglosphere – exactly because of our Free Speech traditions.

And where are the Unions in all of this? Why are they not howling about employers who think they can tell workers what they can or can’t post on Facebook in their own time.

Why don’t they grow a spine and start standing up for workers’ rights? The Folau case sets precedent for this entire area of what an employee can and can’t say in his own time.

And why shouldn’t Folau, or any other worker express their own opinions? Does your boss own your mouth 24/7 these days? Who cares what an employee says outside of work?

Every time Anthony Mundine opens his mouth, I want to throw something at the telly, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to watch a boxing match.

When employees have the legal right to express themselves out of work, then no one can hold their employer responsible for those opinions.

Once that happens, we will no longer live in fear of foaming activists from all sides of politics.

Throwing out 18c is not enough. We need to abolish the entire Racial Discrimination Act and consider a Constitutional Free Speech amendment similar to that which the Americans enjoy.

There could be no greater protection for us all.