Santa in a Sleigh

Happy Christmas Pickering posters. I hope you all have a fabulous day. Please try to stay reasonably sober and don’t strangle any of those annoying relatives who turn up to mooch off you every year.

It’s been a bad start to the festive season for me. I tried to sell Rudolf and Prancer on Ebay but had no luck. Apparently they were two deer (don’t you just love those Christmas cracker jokes!).

We are having some well-earned R and R here at the Post and looking back on a very successful year.

We have managed to achieve some much-needed changes thanks to some hard work by Brendan, and the generosity of some of you guys who dug deep and helped to keep the lights on.

We are humbled by the support you have given us and promise to keep pushing forward and constantly strive to improve the site.

We have transitioned across to a new platform this year. That was a huge step, which has opened the door to new opportunities.

You may remember the difficulties we had with hacker attacks, instability and the site collapsing. The volume of traffic we have here means that it requires some fairly heavy-duty infrastructure.

 Brendan has been steadily improving things and setting us up in the more stable version we have now.

The comments section has been a challenge of course. After a couple of changes, we have settled on Discus. This seems to be working for most of you. I know we all hate change but hopefully now, any new changes will be gradual and easy to navigate.

But who cares about computer software? The most important thing is that we have a slew of new and talented writers and hopefully, we can find more.

Whatever else may change on the site, our key focus will always be on providing you all with real news; that others would sooner you didn’t know about.

If we can provide you with an occasional chuckle while we are at it, we reckon that we are providing a great service.

Most of all however, we see this site as part of a pushback against global forces which seek to destroy this amazing nation.

We have many enemies who would love to see us ruined. Few Australians can picture the catastrophe that could befall us.

Our enemies have made many inroads but as the dirty kittens said to their mother, “we’re not licked yet.”

Up until recently, a complicit press, meant that individuals who tried to fight back were isolated, silenced, attacked and destroyed.

They had no voice, no outlet and no friends in the media who would support them.

When people spoke up to say that things like “Socialism is evil, Islam is not a religion of peace and there are only two genders,” they had no platform to argue their case.

Today, The Pickering Post is that platform. We are reaching critical mass. That could soon propel us into a position to seriously challenge the fake news media. These fools have been selling us down the river for too long.

We can’t do it without you guys, however, and so this is where I ask for a small favour – call it a Christmas present if you wish. I’m not asking for money (though we wouldn’t knock it back).

What we really need, is for you to sign up with your email address – if you haven’t already.

We have some changes coming which we have no control over.

These changes mean that If we don’t have your email address, we could lose contact with you and you might not be able to find us again.

You would have noticed that little box which pops up asking for your email address and first name.

Once you sign up, it never comes back. If you haven’t signed up, we really need you to do so now.

We have no wish to bombard you with spammy offers to enlarge your penis. We will never pass your details to any Third World, third party.

We are not even sending out a newsletter at this stage, that is just a standard form we use. What we desperately need is to be able to contact with you if we have to. That’s it.

Please just pop your email in the box and forget it. Then, if anything happens, we will be able to contact you (there is a box to the right of this article that you can use, just scroll up, it should be there).

For those of you still reading, thank you so much for being part of our community. We really appreciate your patronage and wish you and your loved ones a really great Christmas. We are looking forward to a very exciting New Year together (provided you put your details in the bloody box – Ho Ho Ho!).

From all of us here at The Pickering Post, stay well, stay safe and stay with us.