I don’t remember exactly the feeling as the Naughties gave way to a new and nameless decade. Things were very different then.

For me personally, I was still working in an oil refinery as a pipe fitter and pipe welder. Every smoko and lunch time, I would jump on the bicycle I had cobbled together and race back to the shed.

Once there, I would open the laptop and would furiously type and re-edit the book on Islam which was forming up. I didn’t yet quite know what I would do with it. I was sure no publisher would touch it.

I had joined a group called Act for Australia which was inspired by Brigette Gabriel. It was headquartered in Melbourne and had lots of good ideas but was light on action.

A website called The Australian Islamist Monitor had recently folded and the writers and contributors had met in Melbourne’s Kew to form a new organisation.

The domain name “Kew Society” wasn’t available so they called it “Q Society.”

Everyone thought I was batty. “Why do you care about this?” the more forthright of my friends would ask. Most had quietly stopped answering my emails.

Online newspaper articles now had comments sections, some of which were still unmoderated. If you commented on an article about Islamic misbehaviour suggesting that this religion had problems, you would be screamed down by dozens of other people.

Words like racist, fascist, dinosaur, were hurled at you with gay abandon.

Kevin Rudd was still Prime Minister and the boats were unstoppable. John Howards $20 billion dollar surplus had evaporated and Kevin 747 was busy piling up $300 billion dollar’s worth of debt.

At that time, Pauline Hanson was best remembered as a Dancing with the Stars contestant and Facebook was starting to elbow Myspace aside as the number one Social Media platform.

Obama was POTUS and was busy telling the world how great Islam was and what a terrible nation America had been.

9/11 was fading from people’s memory by this stage, and the only people still interested were sure it was an inside job. Meanwhile, people who thought Obama might be a Muslim were considered cranks.

As the decade clicked over, Donald Trump was still running a reality TV show and Nigel Farage headed up a lunatic fringe party in the UK which was calling for Britain to leave the EU.

A young soccer fan from Luton with a tendency to hooliganism had founded the English Defence League. The press portrayed Tommy Robinson as the second coming of Adolf Hitler. Most British people (except the ones living in Islamic areas) believed them.

Geert Wilders was a Dutch politician who was under 24/7 police protection from violent Muslims who had sworn to kill him. The Dutch Government were attempting to prosecute him for saying that Islam inspired violence.

Larry Pickering was still in retirement with no thought of starting his own news blog.

The “Naughties” was a decade when a few White, European people finally began waking up to the fact that our establishment and media had been captured by people who hate our guts.

The last decade (whatever you want to call it) was spent investigating what had happened and building resistance.

The ’20s will be crucial. The damage is great and unwinding it will not be easy. We desperately need to take back control of our Governments. Then, we must take back control of our educational system.

Those people who are currently using it to brainwash our children must be treated as pariahs.

The revolution is beginning. Buckle up your belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride and this website is determined to remain in the thick of things.