Scott Morrison Ponders Climate change

Australia’s Horror Bushfires Finally Quenched

The climate in Australia changed a short while ago.

The normal pattern in most of the East Coast is for hot wet summers.

This year, an ocean current known as The Indian Dipole changed the normal pattern and delayed the normal monsoonal type rains. This, combined with some other factors which we mentioned in a previous article, were responsible for a horror bushfire season.

Thankfully, the climate has recently changed back again and much of Australia is experiencing soaking rains to the great delight of all of us.

Morrison Should be on the Offensive Over Bushfires

At this point, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, should be going on the offensive against the hundreds of suspected or convicted arsonists who lit these devastating fires.

He should also be railing against State bush managers who allowed the fuel situation in State Forests to reach such dangerous levels.

Instead, he is pandering to the ridiculous notion, that Australia’s few remaining Coal fired power stations must be shut down to prevent further bushfires.

I doubt ScoMo believes that this will make any difference at all. He is, however, prepared to deprive struggling Australian battlers and companies of the cheap reliable power which has underpinned their living standards for generations.

My guess would be that he is probably doing this due to the realisation that a large chunk of the population believe that climate change actually did cause the bush-fires (we explained why it didn’t in this article here). Many of them believe it passionately.

In this case, he is reaping his just deserts.

Morrison, like pretty much all other Conservatives of the last 40 odd years, has refused to tackle the radical Left-Wing indoctrination that has been running rampant through our schools and universities during that time.

Britain’s Post-War Socialist Economic Destruction

I’ll never forget the Thatcher years, growing up in the North of England. It was a disaster for me personally and for so many of my friends. We came out of school almost at the moment she was elected and into a recession that should have been more accurately reported as a depression.

We all swallowed the line that it was “Maggie’s fault,” – but it wasn’t.

During the previous 30 years, subsequent governments had nationalised the majority of Britain’s industry. True top marginal tax rates were close to 98%. “We’ll squeeze the rich until the pips squeak,” joked Denis Healy – the idiot in charge of the economy.

All our best talent left the country. Those that remained had no incentive to do anything much. British Steel, the nationalised monopolist steel maker, was losing a million pounds per day; at a time when a typical house cost around 3 to 5 grand.

That was just one State owned industry. The rest were little better. The whole mess was being propped up by a combination of debt and money printing. Inflation was running around 25% per year.

There were constant crippling strikes. Coal strikes caused regular power blackouts and companies were forced onto a 3-day week at one point. Garbage piled up in the streets and there were severe shortages of everyday items like sugar.

Most people were working, however, so they just grumbled and got on with life which wasn’t that bad for most of us.

Such levels of debt and currency inflation are not sustainable, however. By the late ‘70s, the UKs credit was so poor that it was unable to even raise money on the international bond markets and the whole thing came crashing down just as Margaret Thatcher was elected.

The following recession was brutal, as mentioned, but the policies she enacted turned things around. It was slow at first, especially in the North. But by the time the Conservatives lost power in the early Nineties, the economy was unrecognisable.

Britain was now the powerhouse of Europe. There were jobs aplenty, and not just in London either. We were now manufacturing high value products once more – without Government handouts.

People were back in work on rapidly growing wages which were not being suppressed by open border migration policies.

Margaret Thatcher Never Tackled Left Wing Education Bias

What Maggie didn’t focus on, however, was the education system. I think I was one of the last British children to receive an education which was free of Left-Wing indoctrination.

From the time I left school, the curriculum became hopelessly politicised and subjects such as physics, Biology and even Maths were either abolished, or used as vehicles for Left wing evangelism.

The result has been to create a generation which is intellectually damaged. They lack basic critical thinking skills and are unable to discern dogma from genuine research.

Academic achievement, even in STEM subjects has plummeted as teachers spend so much of their time preparing for (insert Lefty sacred cow here) week instead of teaching basic learning skills.

There has been a breakdown in discipline, led by a litigation snowflake culture. Schools are now so scared of impinging on an individual’s ‘uman rights, that they are incapable of controlling something as basic as a headlice epidemic.

This cancer was started by a messed up Italian Communist called Antonio Gramsci, and developed by a bunch of messed up Jewish Communist radicals from the Frankfurt School in Germany who moved to California.

Whatever its origins, however, it is now a Frankenstein monster which is completely out of control and which needs guts and determination to confront.

The sad thing is, that until we grasp the nettle and confront this poison; weak and ineffectual Conservative politicians like ScoMo will find themselves entirely incapable of reeling back the ground lost to radical Leftist lunatics.

Without decisive action, the Overton Window of political respectability will continue to ratchet inexorably towards the siren song of the insane Communist Far-Left.