Pickering Post Facebook moved

Dear All,

We can no longer post articles to “Larry Pickering” or “The Pickering Post” Facebook page. We have therefore moved to a brand-new Facebook page called “The Richardson Post.” Anyone wanting to receive our articles through Facebook will need to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PAGE AND LIKE IT.

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There are a bunch of things that you could do to help us make our new page a resounding success. Basically, we need as many people as possible to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to our new Facebook page “The Richardson Post.”

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Most importantly, do you know any patriotic, conservative, counter jihad or other relevant facebook pages? If so, can you please send them a private message asking for them to let their readers know that we have moved (will put text below). We would be happy to give them a shout out if they do.

For better or worse, Facebook is vital to the success of The Richardson Post going forward. With a bit of effort on your behalf, we can grow our Facebook audience to larger than before.

Thank you all for your support on this one.

On behalf of the team at the Richardson Post


Suggested text to put on your Facebook account:


I just wanted to let you know that ‘The Pickering Post’ Facebook pages will no longer feature new articles. If you want to get these articles on your Facebook feed, you will need to like ‘The Richardson Post’ Facebook page and subscribe to it. The URL is here:  https://www.facebook.com/The-Richardson-Post-100283964863766/