Abolish Australia protesters

“Invasion Day” rallies were held around Australia today. The media reported on them but not on what was actually going on.

Richardson Post sent one of our roving reporters (we’ll call her Susan) to bring you the actual story. These events are never properly represented in our lying, mainstream media. Therefore, we are determined to start providing the actual truth of these events.

If any of you wish to attend similar type of events and report back truthfully your findings, we would love to hear from you at info@pickeringpost.com.au

So without further ado, here is Susan’s story:

Brisbane invasion day protest

Today I attended the Invasion Day event, organised by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) – Sunday 26 January 2020.

This year the event was held at Queens Park in the CBD.  This venue was a lot smaller than the Roma Street Parklands. They promoted it as a bigger and better venue as evidence as to how much the support had increased for their Invasion Day rallies.  

This seemed to be a bit of a lie. The Roma Street Parkland is a lot bigger and held thousands of people.  I would say less than a thousand people turned up today at the rally, whereas over 2000 turned up last year. 

This year attendees were asked to bring cash to ‘pay the rent’ but I didn’t see or hear anything about this at the rally. 

There was a mix of Aboriginal people of all hues and their mainly white supporters. I saw a few Asians and maybe a couple of Africans. There was one Muslim couple as well as a Muslim lady who is with Socialist Alternative.

The bulk of the non-indigenous people who attended were white. Last year there were a lot of white supporters who outnumbered the indigenous supporters. This year, it seemed like there was probably over half identifying as indigenous. 

Both Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance had stalls and were selling their respective papers – Red Flag and The Green Left Weekly. I saw a contingent of about half a dozen people from Amnesty International.

They were wearing yellow vests with the words “Human Rights Observer” printed on the back, and I believe acting as Marshalls.

Amnesty International observers at brisbane invasion day rally
White people protecting black people from white people

I just find it interesting that we need to have Human Rights Observers at a march that happens annually without incident. There were two marquees, one for The Greens and one for Jonathan Sri, but I didn’t see Jonathan anywhere.

One of the first speakers was Sam Watson Junior Junior who was the Grandson of the recently deceased Sam Watson.

Sam Watson J.J. commented that the crowd was much bigger than last year’s crowd. Again, I went to the rally last year at Roma Street and there was a massive crowd. I think there is more to this story as to whether they asked for this spot. Maybe it was given to them to try and cut the numbers down. 

Early on an Aboriginal man from another ‘nation’ got up to play the digeridoo and read a poem. A light skinned aboriginal man began yelling that he was from the Jagera nation.

He started abusing the performer and made some comment about him not being welcome and to leave their women alone. Something personal was going one.  

There was almost a full-on brawl and the light skinned man got on the truck where the performer was and then got pushed off.   You can see his picture here:

Man arrested at Brisbane Invasion day rally


One speaker, whose name sounded like Darryl Ruscoe, was from North Stradbroke Island. He said that Australia was a nation of many nations. Native Title was not set up to benefit Aboriginal people.

It seems that it the Native Title situation is causing a lot of division because the legislation is causing people to act on greed.  He believes that the Aboriginal nations need a treaty between each other rather than a treaty with the thieves of the land.

He believes Native Title is dividing Aboriginal people and sees Tracks to Treaty as a hoax and that it ensures that power and privilege will stay with the colonisers.

Darryl clearly stated that they don’t even want to celebrate Australia Day, so protests are not about changing the date.  He talked of decolonising their consciousness to get a free state of mind. 

Later on, another speaker said that they didn’t give a f@#k about changing the date, he wasn’t even interested in it, he just wanted justice. 

Probably the most interesting speaker was Ruby Wharton and what she said. Ruby doesn’t care about changing the date she wants to burn the country down to the ground. 

Ruby doesn’t want Australia to exist. She wants sovereignty. She wants her land back, reparations and self-governance and to burn up the constitution. She says that the constitution is not good for them.

Captain Cook banner at invasion day rally
At least there was one historically accurate statement on display (actually, I think it is from a different rally but i couldn’t resist)

She urges young people to get an education so they can learn decipher white Australia’s bullshit. She urged young people to pretend to be the friends of white people but not be real friends.

She urged them to join mining companies and pretend to be a good worker and put some salt in pipes to basically sabotage production. She wants people to start with decolonisation.

The moment they assimilate is the moment they don’t exist as aboriginal. She doesn’t care how light skinned people are because being aboriginal is inside them.

How they act, walk, behave etc. She said decolonisation is not about changing the date because that acknowledges Australia’s existence.

Another speaker talked about changing the names of all the mountains back to the Aboriginal names, that way everyone can have a spiritual connection to the land (at least he was trying to put a positive spin on this). He said that Australia Day shouldn’t be known as Survival Day or Sorry Day or Invasion Day, but Resistance Day. 

dumped signs at invasion day rally
Excuse me – could we please get some white people over here to clean up this rubbish?

At the end of the event I spoke to a university student who was getting people to do a survey about Australia Day and national identity.

The questions actually didn’t make any sense, so I was explaining my thoughts to her. I actually pointed out to her that none of the speakers wanted to actually change the date, they just wanted to abolish Australia and create their own Aboriginal sovereign nations.

I said that most people would accept the date being changed but wouldn’t accept the sovereign nations so easily. She agreed with me and looked like she’d just been red pilled (not by me but by listening to the speakers).

Obviously like a lot of people she came to the rally thinking the protest was about changing the date and heard something else.

The media are reporting that these Invasion Day rallies are about changing the date, and protesting about things like Stolen Wages, Black Deaths in Custody.

None of these things were mentioned, not even the Stolen Generation; not even Voice Treaty or Truth.  It was all about Sovereignty and abolishing Australia. 

Just an end note, there were a lot of people wearing the Aboriginal flag on their t-shirts but increasingly people are wearing shirts with Aboriginal designs, which are actually nice. I think the Aboriginal flag on t-shirts is now old school and a bit cringy. I’ve attached one image that captures a few people wearing some of these shirts.