Many years ago, training as a Thai boxer, I was fortunate enough to be coached by a huge West Indian guy called Lincoln.

Lincoln was a brilliant strategist, and one of the things he drummed into me, was that you must never hate your opponent.  I have often thought that this was a more accurate expression of Jesus’s instruction to, “Love your enemy.”

The point is, that a fighter – a warrior – call him what you will, needs a clear head.

Hatred leads to anger – which can descend into fury. These emotions cloud the judgement. They prevent clear, rational analysis of a situation. In a fight, that can be fatal.

Hate leads people to act with blind irrationality. Throwing down your trump card on the first hand – or marching your army into Russia in the Autumn – are the type of strategies which are driven by unchecked anger and hate. They generally end badly.

The Democrats have been falling into this trap since Donald Trump’s election. He understands the situation and has played them like a well-worn fiddle.

Trump is a master strategist, who has made a fortune by understanding the psychology of his opponents – and using it to manipulate them.

Notice the way that he talks. He uses language which is intended to trigger his opponents, whilst sounding entirely reasonable to his base. In fact, when you break them down, Trump’s proposals should sound entirely reasonable to anyone within a bull’s roar of the political centre.

Attempting to stop illegal immigration from Mexico, limiting travel from terrorist hotbeds and criticising both sides of the Charlottesville riots are not radical positions.

Many of Trumps policies are things which Democrats have supported in the past. He just phrases them in a way that the Left cannot abide.

Then, when they descend into their inevitable meltdowns, Trump walks away shaking his head and looking like the only grown up in the room.

Remember that President Trump didn’t attempt to clamp down on legal migrants from Mexico and he didn’t ban all Muslim migrants. He also didn’t fail to criticise the Right wing nut-jobs who were responsible for the death and mayhem at Charlottesville.

Sun Tzu warned long ago that serious warriors should not fight on stony ground. Wait patiently and choose your battles, he wisely counselled.

Even Nancy Pelosi sobered up long enough to realise that impeachment was a lose-lose proposition. Unfortunately for her, the young troops just couldn’t be restrained.

Trump manages to generate such boiling hatred amongst the Democrat faithful that they are incapable of thinking straight. I’m sure he does it on purpose.

They are so blinded by the red mist, that they find themselves on the rockiest of ground defending the indefensible.

Seeking to be elected President of the USA, whilst defending Islamic terrorists, Mexican drug dealers and Antifa thugs is just not a good look these days.

The Iowa Caucus debacle may put all of this in the shade, however. One thing people look for when choosing a political party is a semblance of competence.

The Democrats have been utterly fixated on impeaching President Trump for something (investigating corruption) that most Americans would think he was supposed to do anyway.

Consequently, they failed to carry out one of the most simple and basic functions of a political party. They couldn’t even count the votes in their own election.

This is such a catastrophic public relations disaster that it should never have been allowed to happen. It never has happened in the past to either of the major parties. It is the kind of mistake that happens when people are blinded by rage.

Any semblance of credibility these candidates may have had up until now (and believe me, it wasn’t much), has been completely shredded.

It looks like the impeachment trial and the Iowa Caucus may well have been the Democrat Party’s Siege of Leningrad. In fact, the retreat of the Germans may look quite orderly compared to the rest of the Democrat primaries if Iowa is anything to go by.

After the Donald’s election win, Democrats were waving placards saying, “Love Trumps Hate.”

Personally, I think it is the Democrats who have just been trumped by their own hate.