Sad Smiley face

As you are all aware by now, we have changed our name from The Pickering Post, to The Richardson Post.

What you may not know, is that this change was not voluntary, we had to make it. I had no intention of changing the name, or anything else to do with The Pickering Post.

Before Larry passed away, we discussed the Pickering Post and I agreed to take it on. He was delighted.

Unfortunately, we didn’t draft a legal document at that time. Larry was sick and I didn’t foresee any problems.

Things can change, however, and over recent months I have been asked by a member of Larry’s family to remove myself from The Pickering Post website, as well as the Facebook pages under threat of legal action.

In legal terms, I am not the owner of Larry’s legacy or intellectual property, so I have agreed to the terms.

I therefore had the choice of either closing the site down, or moving to another domain and starting new Facebook pages etc.

That is what I have done.

I am also compelled to remove all of Larry’s articles and cartoons from the website which will be happening soon.

I considered a number of different names for the new website. The Richardson Post was at the bottom of this list.

Unfortunately, the other, preferred domain names were simply not available and so I have been forced to go with The Richardson Post.

One of the other major reasons I took this decision was that it would be easier for people to find us if they were searching for the Pickering Post.

My name is well known to you all as I have been editor of “The Post” for a year now, and also because of my book. So, for now, at least, we are stuck with it.

I hope that helps you all to understand the changes. They have not been driven by me, as assumed by some readers. They have been forced on us.

We still have the same goals and the same outlook as Larry had.

You should all know in your hearts that in this, most important way, we are still carrying Larry’s legacy forward.

Thank you all for staying with us during this difficult change over.

We are hoping to improve and grow in the future because of the desperate need for a credible alternative to our current “fake news” organisations that dominate access to information.

Australia badly needs such a source of credible, Conservative news, and thanks to Larry Pickering, we have one.

We will continue this site in his memory, even though it will no longer carry his name.