Corona Virus remedies

Corona Virus is Here

Well, Corona Virus is here in Brisbane. We just found out that a Chinese student has been diagnosed with it in Toowong.

That has left people desperately hoping for a Corona Virus remedy.

Corona virus is quite contagious, so it is unlikely that it will be contained.

Being as the victim is a young student, however, there is about a 99% chance that our man will recover.

The odds may yet turn out to be rather better than that, once more is known about the disease.

Although it is far less virulent than Sars, what this virus has managed to do, is to miraculously remove all the dunny paper from our local supermarkets.

That has left me wiping my behind with The Sydney Morning Herald once more – except this time, it isn’t out of spite.

My Miracle Cure for Colds and Flu

I am not a health professional so you can take what I am about to tell you as an old wives’ tale if you wish. I can guarantee it won’t work for everyone, but this has worked wonders for me.

I have always been very fit and healthy – except for one thing. When I was younger, I would constantly catch colds and flu.

I only had to sit near someone who had a cold and I would feel my nose starting to run almost instantly (I’m not a hypochondriac by the way, and I’m not making that up).

Sometimes, I would barely have shaken one cold, before the next one would start.

I’ve never been a believer in vitamin pills. I always figured that a balanced diet would give you what you needed. I did try a few things like Vitamin C or Echinacea, more out of desperation than anything.

Sadly, nothing worked and I soon lost interest. Then, a co-worker suggested I try Vitamin D.

“What the heck” I sniffled, so I gave it a go. I bought a pack of the 1000UI Vitamin D (sometimes called Vitamin D3) pills from the local chemist and took one a day. Boy did that work well.

It didn’t just reduce the colds I got. Pretty soon, I stopped getting colds altogether.

What Happened When I Stopped Taking Vitamin D

The last time I had a cold was when I went to the UK a couple of years ago and didn’t take enough pills with me.

I figured I could buy more of them over there, but I was wrong.

A couple of weeks later, sure enough, I caught a cold.

Maybe that was psychosomatic, but I haven’t had one since.

Experts have now determined that this virus did not originate from Mexican beer, or my uncle’s crappy Toyota.

I assume that I had a deficiency of Vitamin D. One thing a lack of Vitamin D does is to pull down your immune system.

Some friends have benefitted from this advice as I have, but some haven’t really seen a difference. I guess if you have a lack of Vitamin D, then boosting your levels should help you to resist colds, flu – and the Corona Virus.

You can buy Vitamin D pills cheaply in the supermarket (I have used various brands) and they help with the absorption of calcium as a bonus.

If you are prone to colds and flu like I was, it might be worth a shot.

I never heard of any downside, but of course, check with your health professional before taking any such decision (and please don’t sue me if you get Corona Virus anyway).

If any of you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear it in the comments section.