Peter Dutton Coronavirus

In a strange twist of irony, Peter Dutton is the first Australian politician to be officially diagnosed with Wu Flu.

The irony, of course, is that Dutton is the only high profile politician who has had the cojones to show any resistance to the idea that Australia must be swamped with waves of Third-World migrants at a level which will soon see traditional Australians relegated to minority status.

Mentioning downsides to these policies is verboten for Australian politicians – as Fraser Anning and Pauline Hanson found out the hard way.

Yet it is obvious to the simplest of folk, that having an international population would make us more vulnerable to international pandemics.

It is also obvious that these pandemics are less likely to originate in First World nations with advanced standards of hygiene and medicine, not to mention an aversion to eating the testicles of endangered animals.

We currently have around 1.2 million Chinese citizens in Australia. The great majority have arrived since 1989 when Bob Hawke granted citizenship to practically any Chinese person either studying or holidaying here.

The trigger (if you will excuse the word) was the massacre of Chinese people, by Chinese people in Tiananmen Square.

Since then, that trickle of Chinese has increased to flood proportions with each successive Prime Minister ratcheting the numbers up.

Most Australians would be surprised to learn that one of the largest increases came under John Howard.

You might think that the Chinese community would have been grateful to Howard for this, but instead, they turned on him in the 2007 election.

In the 1980s, Howard had made a comment that during times of recession, Asian immigration should be slowed a little to help ease the burden on Australians.

That might sound like a reasonable enough comment to you or me, but to the Chinese community, it was like a red flag to a bull.

The Chinese in Howard’s Bennelong electorate are generally wealthy businesspeople. Amazingly, they voted Labor in large numbers to punish Howard for his insolence.

There was a swing to Labor generally in the 2007 election, but it was the wrath of the Chinese-Australians which unseated our sitting Prime Minister. (see here and here).

Little wonder then, that apart from Anning, no politician in recent memory has been game to suggest giving Australians a choice on our immigration policy.

The upshot is, that we now have a huge population of recently arrived Chinese living here. It is hardly surprising then, that the latest virus spread here so quickly.

China used draconian measures to stop the virus spreading to the rest of China. They stopped all citizens travelling to other parts of their country.

What they didn’t seem to bother doing, was to stop citizens from travelling to other countries. Thanks China.

Had we not embraced this sacred cow of mass immigration from the Third World, this virus, and others, would probably have got here – eventually.

By that time, however, there would likely be a vaccine or even a cure produced.

This is just one of the disadvantages of our current immigration policy. There are others, of course, and yet no one has ever been allowed to mention them.

If you do, you will be hounded down as a raaaacist, of course.

We are only allowed to wax lyrical over the wonderful Chinese and Italian restaurants which are strangely empty all of a sudden.

Scott Morrison has been encouraging us all to do our bit and eat at a Chinese restaurant but not many people seem to be listening.

It appears that only his staunchest supporters have risked dining out in Chinatown.

I wonder if Peter Dutton was one of those who took a chance?

Wouldn’t that be ironic.