ambulance in New York

When the Coronavirus first arrived, the Government response was predictably vacuous.

They were more worried about their precious doctrine of multiculturalism and fighting ever elusive racism. They actually scolded people for avoiding Chinese restaurants.

They then sat on their hands whilst gangs (who are suspected to be Chinese) emptied our supermarkets of loo roll, hand sanitiser and face masks and shipped them back to China with essential PPE for our hospital staff.

As we keep saying here on the Richardson Post, diversity isn’t a strength, especially when the chips are really down.

Anyways, credit where it is due. The pollies finally wised up and (with the exception of some loonie in the NSW health department) took sensible steps to prevent the virus overloading the hospital system and causing unnecessary deaths.

These measures were serious – draconian even. Yet they were entirely reasonable in the circumstances. No one knew much about the virus except that it spread really quickly.

We saw it overwhelm hospitals, first in Wuhan, then in Italy, Spain and New York.

Had the kill rate been higher, we could have had an existential threat on our hands.

That was then, this is now.

We have had time to look at this threat and evaluate. Here are some of the things we know.

This virus is serious, but for people under 60 in reasonable health, it is rarely fatal. It spreads quickly but for most people, it is not worse than a bad bout of flu.

The average age of death from Coronavirus in Italy was reported as 78 years old.

Now let’s look at the other side of the ledger. What harm are we doing by continuing our current course?

The country is currently in lockdown. Economic activity has taken a dreadful hit. Many companies, both large and small are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy – if they aren’t there already.

People are confined to their homes and many are literally going stir crazy. To add to this, many people live from pay check to pay check and are now under severe financial stress.

I was told by someone in the know, that domestic violence has risen alarmingly. It wouldn’t surprise me. I expect suicides are increasing too.

We also have spectre of Government overreach. Once you give a bone to a rottweiler, don’t expect to get it back easily.

The Government is taking over the economy and thinks that it can continue to run it by handing out printed money.

The power that this gives to politicians and bureaucrats will go to their heads and intoxicate them. They will think they are genius. They will think it is sustainable. It isn’t.

When this approach starts to fail, they will think they just need to do more of it. We will find out that they are wrong.

Therein lies the real danger.

We need out of this situation soon before the risks outweigh the benefits. Governments should be working round the clock investigating every possible avenue.

For example, in the following video, Rudy Giuliani interviews Dr Zelenco who is caring for a Jewish community just outside New York.

The doctor is trying out a treatment mentioned by Howell in a previous article.

His out-patient treatment regimen involves:

1.  Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days

2.  Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days

3.  Zinc sulfate 220mg daily

A preliminary study shows that out of his 699 patients treated, he has had zero deaths, zero intubations, and four hospitalizations.

Rudy Giuliani is no internet hack. He is a lawyer who was formerly one of New York’s most successful mayors. He is currently President Trump’s personal attorney.

It is unlikely that such a high-ranking person would be giving this treatment his attention if it was a blatant fraud. At the very least, our Government should be looking into it and preferably running trials right now.

I haven’t heard that they are. That is insane and shows that our leaders are not serious people. They do not have our best interests at heart. All they care about is making it through the next election cycle.

It appears that they are too stupid to appreciate the danger they are placing us in.