Wind farms michael moore

OK, it may be a little early – and I could put in some pun about 2020 hindsight but make no bones about it, Planet of the Humans is of seminal importance.

This movie is a documentary by Jeff Gibbs. Surprisingly, Michael Moore is the Executive Producer. Moore is a polarising figure.

He sits at the opposite end of the political spectrum from me – though it wasn’t always so. I was once much further Left, and he was once much further to the Right.

Despite our differences, I have always respected his talents as a documentary producer and also his ability as an investigative journalist.

What I don’t like about Moore is his hypocrisy and blatant anti-White racism which has become more pronounced over time.

Railing against rich white men, whilst being a rich white man is super crass as far as I’m concerned. Trying to cover it up by dressing like a hobo doesn’t soften the blow either.

Having said all of that, Moore does have the redeeming feature of being prepared to bludgeon some of the sacred cows of the Left which really deserve it.

His expose of the Saudi Royal Family in his documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 pulled no punches whatsoever.

Admittedly, he was exposing their insidious links with the Bush family at the time and seemed to drop the subject once Obama slid into the Oval Office, but it was courageous and instructive, nevertheless.

Barack Obama assuming the position

This latest effort is far more subversive however, and blows the lid on a situation that millions have invested their beliefs in.

It explains what any capitalist could have told you from the start. Producing Green Energy is ridiculously expensive – so clearly, it is consuming more resources than cheaper alternatives (ie coal).

The film explains that these energy sources, which are marketed as saving the planet, in fact, do far more damage than fossil fuels. They are not a panacea to the problems of overconsumption. In fact, they exacerbate the problem.

The reason that they are so popular is that a bunch of ruthless billionaires are using the promise of a “clean green future,” to hoover up giant subsidies from first world taxpayers.

Worse, the environmental damage they are inflicting is exacerbating the problems of overpopulation, whilst pretending to be a solution to that ticking time bomb.

The best thing about this film, is that it was produced under the guidance of Michael Moore and not Rupert Murdoch.

Trying to convince people they have been conned is a hard sell. Coming from a fellow traveller makes the message so much more palatable.

 As a darling of the Left, Moore is a difficult figure to smear and the power of the documentary is devasting.

It clearly lays out the way that shameless billionaire hucksters have hijacked the Green movement and duped well meaning and idealistic people into promoting their predatory environmental vandalism.

I suspect the backlash it provokes will see former believers wielding torches and pitchforks with all the moderate reasonableness of reformed smokers.

The phrase “Green Energy Revolution” may take on a whole new meaning.

The movie is long, at an hour and forty but worth every minute. Watching the spin doctors squirm is just priceless.

Take the time to watch it, and then share it with everyone, particularly your MP. Ask them for an appointment to discuss the implications.

Youtube has already disabled likes and dislikes so be quick. The billionaires are in damage control and it may be taken down sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, here’s Johnny Rotten summing up the situation nicely in 1978.