Donald Trump trolling Joe Biden

Scott Adams is the creator of the famous Dilbert cartoon strip which is syndicated to newspapers around the world.

He has an incredible ability to see, and to analyse people’s behaviour as they interact with each other.

Adams isn’t a huge fan of Trump’s policies and positions on everything. What he does recognise, however, is his ability to manipulate the crowd with his language, strategies, tactics and of course, his Twitter account.

Here is a short video on Twitter of Adams analysing Trump’s reaction to the accusation of Joe Biden’s sexual impropriety. Because of all of the previous allegations against Trump, he should have been firmly wedged on this one. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Instead, he found a way out that no one could have predicted.

Adams explains, start from 1 minute in.

If the Democrats really do put Biden up against Trump, it will be like Godzilla meets Bambi all over again.