Wilma Anderrson murdered

A trial has just started in Sweden of an Iraqi born Kurdish refugee (they are the good ones remember). He stands accused of murdering his Swedish girlfriend, then cutting her into pieces. The only remaining piece he kept in his flat was her head.

According to the police chief ‘The suspect has retained a body part for an unknown reason.’

I don’t even want to comment on that.

What I do want to comment on, is Islamic culture. In particular, I want to explain Islamic cultural views on the place of women in society and how they probably contributed to this horrific murder.

I feel confident that these cultural aspects will not be discussed at the trial.

They certainly weren’t openly discussed by the people who decided that Sweden should become multicultural.

One of the reasons given for this new doctrine of Multiculturalism was that we could all learn so much from these new cultures which they would be importing.

Yet, strangely enough, those same multiculturalists seem more inclined to walk over broken glass than to learn anything of note about any of these new religious or cultural norms. Funny that.

According to one Swedish newspaper, the perpetrator of this crime, Tishco Shabaz, idolised President Trump and thought his girlfriend Wilma, was working against Trump. Presumably, that was the motivation for the murder.

Personally, I thought that Jussie Smollet’s story was far more credible.

So, let’s just ignore it and dive in to have a quick look at the Islamic cultural view of male-female relationships.

Islamic culture is based on the Islamic religion. For most of the 1400 years of its existence, strict Sharia Law was enforced in the entire Islamic world.

This culture did not evaporate during the thirty years or so, that many Middle Eastern countries were occupied by the European powers after WW1.

Secular rulers supported by the West did have some modernising effect, but these leaders have largely been replaced by radical Islamists.

Whereas, in 1970, women in nations such as Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan wore Western clothes, today, they are once more encased in head to toe, black, Islamic garb.

The 7th Century desert Arab culture is rapidly reasserting itself, suggesting that it never truly left.

Islamic culture is based upon the Islamic religion, which is based upon the Koran and the life of the Prophet.

The Prophet and the book he produced – which Muslims believe to be the verbatim words of Allah for all time and places – have much to say about women. Little of it is good.

According to Islamic Doctrine, the Prophet Mohammed considered a woman to be of lower intelligence than a man and to be deficient in her religion.

Under Islamic Sharia Law, a man may marry up to four women. When he takes extra wives, he has no obligation to tell the first wife, or even the new wife, who may believe that he is single.

And whilst a man can obtain a divorce simply by telling his wife three times “I divorce thee,” a woman won’t get an Islamic divorce except under the most exceptional of circumstances.

Once married, it is highly unlikely that the wife can ever get out without her husband’s permission.

This situation is largely due to the perceived position of the wife in Islam. When a couple marry, a man must make a payment to her. This is known as the “Mahr.”

No Islamic marriage is legal without the Mahr. The reason for this, is that the man is effectively purchasing his bride – including her private parts – for his exclusive use.

From birth, a woman is the possession of her father until her marriage, when ownership passes to her husband – hence the payment.

An Islamic marriage document reads like a purchasing contract for a vagina.

Add onto this, the Islamic “honour” system and we have a recipe for a female Hell on Earth.

Muslims depend upon their honour for status. If the families honour is lost, they are plunged into great shame and will be treated with contempt by all. The consequences for a Muslim family are disastrous.

Family honour depends on the pristine morals of the females in the family.

Even a rumour of impropriety on the behalf of a daughter can be enough to plunge the family into great shame. There is only one way to recover the family’s prestige – the offending daughter must be killed.

Generally, it is the father who will do the deed. Sometimes it will be her brothers, occasionally the mother will kill her own daughter.

This may seem hard to believe but it is well documented and entirely backed up by Islamic doctrine which encourages Muslim men to treat women as chattels.

The difference between the way women are viewed in Swedish culture (and Western culture in general) and Islamic culture is so great, that most people are simply unable to believe that Islamic culture could be so barbaric.

The globalists and Multiculturalists who opened the West to these people refused to believe it. Wilma and her parents probably refused to believe it too.

Wilma’s parents gave her boyfriend Tishco a set of kitchen knives. In Western culture, when people give you gifts they expect you to have some gratitude. Forensic evidence suggests that Tishco used the knives to kill Wilma and cut her body into pieces.

By allowing Tishco to go out with their daughter, her parents probably thought that he would be impressed by their “inclusiveness.”

To an Arab Muslim, parents who allow their daughter to go out with a boy and fool around are to be held in utter contempt. They are the lowest of the low.

He would have viewed Wilma as his possession. Yet she was damaged goods. A ticking time bomb, which could blow up in his face and destroy his, and his family’s, honour.

He put a tracking app on her phone so that he could follow her every move and told her what she could wear. They argued frequently. When she tried to leave, she was brutally murdered. He is now on trial for that murder.

It looks like Wilma and her parents paid the ultimate price for refusing to understand the realities of Islam. They are not the only ones.

Credible estimates suggest 10,000 English schoolgirls were gang raped and pimped out as literal sex slaves over a period of decades whilst the police, social services and the entire establishment continued to indulge this deadly fantasy of “cultural enrichment.”

My daughter knows Wilma’s story. She understands the basics of Islamic culture and knows why I would never allow her to date a Muslim boy.

It isn’t because I am xenophobic. It is because I am determined that she will never become another gruesome statistic of Islamic cultural misogyny whilst I have breath in my body.

I educated my daughter about these dangers. I also wrote a book which can educate the rest of the world, if they would just read it.

More than 30,000 people have bought a copy, many more have read it online. I have offered US$1,000 to the first person to prove the book wrong. The money is still in my account.

Yet so many people haven’t read the book. To the best of my knowledge, Wilma’s parents still haven’t. It is too late for them now, anyway.

But Wilma and her parents will not be the last victims of this brutal cult. If you know someone with a daughter or grand-daughter who could be at risk, please do whatever you can to persuade them to read it.

It can be read for free here:


Or buy a paperback copy which they are much more likely to read.

Contact me for the cheapest way to purchase the book.