Candice Owens

I am White and that comes with an amazing privilege. As a child I was taught a secret to success.  

Most White children are taught this secret. That is why we do so well. I’m going to share that secret with the world right now in the hope that we can heal some of the divisions which are being stoked by those evil people in the mainstream media.

So here it is.

When I was a child, my father told me, “Son, don’t be a victim. Of course, there are people better off than you. Of course, there are people who have had more chances than you. But have a look at all those people who are worse off than you.

Kids in orphanages, starving kids in Africa, kids who grew up in the war and had their entire families wiped out.

We can’t help the cards we have been dealt, but it is up to us how we play them so never blame anyone else for what you become. You are solely responsible so get out there and do the best you can.”

And I did. It may not be much, but I did the best I could for myself and my family and most of those around me did the same.

Many Black people don’t have the benefit of a father. Illegitimacy rates are much higher than amongst Whites, even today.

Consequently, their role models are scumbag, Marxist teachers. These teachers tell them that they are the victims of White oppression.

Left leaning teachers convince these unfortunate Black children that they have no chance of success because “Whitey” has his knee on their neck.

They are told that failure is baked in the cake and that violence is justified because of the historic wrongs they have been subjected to.

Fortunately, not all Blacks fall for this garbage. I have known some extraordinary Black people who were truly inspirational.

There are also a growing number who have woken up to the lies of the Left and realised that they have been played for fools.

One of the finest examples is Candace Owens who is leading the “Blexit” movement, seeking to take American Blacks off the Democrat plantation.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, here is her take on George Floyd and the sorry saga that ensued in the aftermath of his death.

This is a spectacularly devastating monologue, no wonder the Left hate her.

You go girl.