Judge Dredd

Well, I’ve seen some scary movies in my time, but this takes the biscuit. Don’t watch this late at night – unless you want to sleep with the lights on and have someone brave to cuddle up to.

When Billionaires promise to fix the world’s problems – with your money – you know what their real agenda is (unless you are a delusional Left winger).

Regular Richardson Post readers should be under no illusions, of course. When you hear this slick German (perhaps Swiss) swamp dweller by the name of Klaus Schwab, talking about “Stakeholder Capitalism,” you know what he really means.

When a hard working capitalist services your car, or paints your house, he/she shouldn’t expect to receive all the money for that service.

That is bad old Capitalism which must be abolished because it failed (actually, it didn’t fail, it was murdered by a#% holes like Klaus who shills for bankers and Governments).

So, instead of our Capitalist getting the money, a goodly portion must go to the “stake holders.”

Now, if you have half a brain, you may be wondering who decides who the “stakeholders” are and what percentage of the working man’s pay packet they will be entitled to.

Well, fortunately, we have multi-billionaires like George Soros, Tom Steyer and Bill Gates to help us out with that conundrum. These mega rich dudes have very kindly employed shills economists like Klaus Schwab to explain the benefits of this shakedown to us simple folk.

This redistribution of wealth from those who create it, to those who control the state, the press, the banks, academia and big tech monopolies is nothing new. We have been living through this socialist nightmare for nearly a century.

It is this crony Capitalism which has undermined people’s faith in real Capitalism because they don’t read The Richardson Post and, consequently, don’t understand what Capitalism actually is.

For the rest of us, we understand what Capitalism is, why rich people hate it, and how the rich always conspire with the State to steal our money through taxation and bank generated inflation.

What this video suggests, through some pretty convincing research, is that these super rich fraudsters are now planning to crush any opposition from us proles, by using technology to control our thoughts and emotions.

It also suggests that they are not too far from achieving that goal.

Watch the video.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.