Queen stares at Megan Markle

I have privilege. It’s an enormous privilege and I didn’t earn it. It’s called justice – real justice.

It was created from the blood, sweat and tears of my White English ancestors. Lots of blood, lots of sweat and lots of tears.

The justice I am privileged to enjoy is the greatest system of justice ever created. It is known as English Common Law.

This incredible justice system demands that I am innocent until proven guilty. It demands that the same justice applies to me as anyone else in my nation, regardless of race, creed or colour.

It demands that even a King or a Prince cannot bypass this justice system and oppress me.

Real justice ensures that I cannot be found guilty until a jury of 12 of my peers says so. It refuses even to allow knowledge of previous crimes I may have committed to influence that jury.

But now, Prince Harry wants to take that privilege off me. He wants to hang a different type of justice around my neck.

It is called Social Justice.

Social Justice insists that because some English people did some very bad things, centuries before I was born, that I bear responsibility for their crimes and must be penalised for it.

It demands that I must grovel before people who may have a genetic link to other people who were victims of this oppression. I am also supposed to make reparations to these people.

The reparations are unspecified and appear arbitrary and without limit.

What really sticks in my craw, is that Prince Harry Windsor and Megan Markle are lecturing me about unearned privilege.

This is the couple who fly around the World in a private jet, whilst demanding that the rest of us reduce our carbon footprints.

Rumour has it that the Queen is not happy about Harry’s latest outburst. Since Harry’s unearned privilege is based on his bloodline, I think it is about time that the Queen insisted on a DNA test for young Harry.

If he doesn’t have any Windsor genes, then he should be stripped of his unearned privilege, including his round the clock security detail which I believe is paid for by the hard-working British taxpayer.



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