Scott Morrison has ripped up Dan Andrew’s belt and road initiative in Victoria. He is also reviewing all foreign funding initiatives in all Australian States including schools and universities.

In an interview with Andrew Bolt, former defence and intelligence official Ross Babbage warned of a real threat from China. He seemed to think that war is quite possible in the next 5 years. Taiwan could be the spark used to distract attention away from Chinese domestic problems.

This would draw in countries such as Australia. Meanwhile, America is in crisis with its national debt. China holds many of their bonds. Should they sell those bonds suddenly, it could crash the US economy leaving them unable to protect distant allies such as Australia.

Babbage warned that judging by history, the CCP would be using whatever means possible to undermine us. This included using loyal Chinese migrants as a fifth column to plan sabotage attacks and political and propaganda attacks. He speculated that such plans would already be in place.

Scott Morrison is currently in damage control pretending to make it all good.

I’m sorry, but that just isn’t good enough. He should do the right thing and resign as Prime Minister because this is all too little too late.

Multiculturalism is insane. The Australian people knew that from the start and Morrison must have had high powered advisers and analysts giving him this information since his days as a Minister.

Chinese immigration was always going to put us at risk. Morrison should have known this and so he should have been preparing Australians for a more traditional immigration policy which protects our identity and keeps us united and strong.

Instead, he has allowed us to land in an existential crisis which a grade 8 student could have seen coming (if they hadn’t been indoctrinated by his education system which is blatantly anti Australian).

He never opposed Multiculturalism when he was the Immigration Minister.

He never condemned the open borders policy of Hawke and Fraser, which swamped us with migrants who have the potential for divided loyalty.

Morrison should have gracefully protected Australia’s white majority status, a status that is now rapidly fading. This would have been obvious to Blind Freddie 30 years ago.

Even if he missed it then, there have been numerous red flags since. Chinese constituents were instrumental in unseating Prime Minister John Howard in 2007 because they saw him as a threat to their ethnic interests, even though, as aspirational businessmen, he would have been the best person to represent their individual interests.

They were also a major player in the fight to repeal 18c to supress criticism of minority interests and immigration. Morrison was a minister at that time.

Arguments for multiculturalism were never credible. Open borders were foisted on Australia by a dupliticious bi partisan policy which was always a major threat to national stability. Scott Morrison has been a willing participant.

He was also a major player in the Turnbull Government when the decision was made to cancel the Japanese Submarine order placed by Tony Abbott.

Instead, a half-baked plan to buy French subs and have them re-engineered from nuclear to diesel was approved. This idiotic backflip has left Australia dangerously unprepared for war but probably helped to prop up the political fortunes of another of Malcolm’s mates.

To be fair, most of Morrison’s colleagues were far worse than him. That, however, is no excuse. Just because you are the best horse in the glue factory does not make you a walk up start for the Melbourne Cup.

Morrison calling China a threat at this stage is like Chamberlin calling Hitler a threat in 1939

It’s too late and shows complete incompetence. He has been played for a fool all this time

We badly need a Churchill at this point. A hypercompetent leader with vision and ability who has the best interests of the nation at heart.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Let’s hope we can be the lucky country again.