Trump as Hitler

It appears that the Left are once again trying to paint President Trump as a White Supremacist.

Why would they start back up with those accusations?

Clearly Trump is not a White Supremacist and neither does he support them. In fact, no one ever even accused Donald Trump of racism until the moment he decided to run for President.

Trump with Rosa Parkes and Mohammed Ali

That doesn’t matter, of course. What matters is what the voters think.

Trump’s base either doesn’t believe accusations of White supremacy, or they don’t care.

The deplorables are so sick and tired of being accused of racism that any attempt to smear Trump as a racist will likely make them even more determined to vote for him. So why try this tack?

The great irony is that in office, Trump has done almost nothing to advance the interests of White Americans.

The wall he promised would only have kept out the trickle of illegals and not the flood of one million legal migrants every year who are replacing traditional Americans.

Yet he has hardly begun to build that wall. There has been no sign of white nationalism from Trump. His focus is only on civic nationalism and economic nationalism and to be fair, he does those things very well. There are a lot of things he does well in fact, and I generally support him.

For Whites however, this economic success is small comfort for what they are losing. Continued legal immigration will soon bring white Americans to minority status nationally. They are already the minority of many cities and states.

Minority status in a democracy means a loss of power, especially when minorities are well organized and pumped up with extremist anti-white ideology such as that of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ronald Regan was once the Republic Party’s Governor of California. It is well known in America that California will never again have a Republican in charge now that Hispanics, most of whom vote Democrat, make up such a large percentage of the population.

Latinos vote solidly for Democrats who pander shamelessly to their ethnic interests – generous welfare and pervasive affirmative action quotas that are in reality a form of anti-White discrimination.  Most African Americans also vote Democratic for the same reasons.

The new Californians would rather vote for Sanctuary Cities and Welfare

Under Trump, immigration into the USA has remained steady at a million migrants per year. Most of these migrants come from third world countries and have little in common with the people and the culture of America.

Traditional Americans are being replaced and disenfranchised and Trump is allowing this to happen.

 So why are the Left making the ridiculous accusation that he is a White Supremacist?

The group who seem most afraid of White Supremacism are Jews.

I’m not Jewish, so I can’t speak for all Jewish people, but from the books, literature and statements put out by Jewish groups and individuals, it is obvious that there is considerable fear in the Jewish community of an uprising of White people similar to those which happened in Nazi Germany or Tsarist Russia.

Whether this fear of fascism and pogroms is warranted or not is not the issue. Fact is, it exists, and it is this fear which has given rise to powerful organisations such as the Anti-Defamation League.

The reason for the ADL’s existence is to fight anti-Semitism and to prevent it from gaining a foot hold in a way that could be dangerous to innocent Jews.

The ADL’s annual budget runs to around US$70 million. Presumably all of that money comes from Jews and they donate because they are anxious that White Supremacists will rise up once more.

If that fear were to abate, it is unlikely that Jews would continue to donate so generously to organisations like the ADL.

ADL Headquarters just opposite the United Nations

So, these Jewish advocacy groups have a strong incentive to find examples of White Supremacism. Because it is so rare, however, White Advocacy is conflated with White Supremacism when in fact these are two very different concepts.

White advocacy means white people defending their group interests, for example by retaining majority status and political power in their own nation.

It means ending mass immigration and white people regaining the right to decide who comes into their country.

This is the same thing that motivates the ADL and many Jewish people – the wish for their people to avoid persecution and remain the majority in Israel.

 White Supremacism, on the other hand, means the belief in the rightness of whites dominating and/or enslaving other races. Does anyone believe that? If so, they are invisible on the American political scene.

And little wonder, because that was the ideology that drove Hitler. The term is used by the Left to demonise white conservatives so they can keep importing Democrat voters.

This fear of white supremacism and its confusion with white advocacy is likely the reason why Jews keep voting against any attempt by white people, some of whom are Jews, to limit or end mass immigration.

Maybe it is also why Chris Wallace kept bringing up White Supremacism while “moderating” the Trump/Biden debate. Trump was right of course. The rioters and looters on the streets aren’t wearing MAGA hats.

Those guys are Antifa. But for Jewish Americans like Wallace, I guess it’s hard to be against people who hate Fascism, even when they are burning the country down and hate Israel.

The spectre of White Supremacism seems far scarier, even when it doesn’t exist in any meaningful way.

Barack Obama was hostile to Israel and friendly to nations like Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Yet 80% of Jews voted for him anyway.

Clearly, they didn’t vote for him on economic grounds so what was driving them?

Obama was contemptuous of the White Christian majority and even mocked them. He always favoured minority rights over those of traditional Americans.

The one thing you could be sure of with Obama, was that he wasn’t a White Supremacist.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, was elected after hinting that he would look after the interests of traditional, white Americans.

He was going to build a wall and restrict immigration from terrorist nations. That was only a sop, of course, yet it was the first time in decades that a serious political contender had promised such a thing.

Many in the Jewish diaspora seemed almost traumatised by this. Chuck Schumer, the Jewish minority Senate leader, famously broke down crying because Donald Trump wanted to restrict immigration from Islamic nations which are hotbeds of radical Jihadists.

Oh, the humanity!

Surely Schumer must know that radicals from these countries regularly talk about “driving the Jews into the sea.” Why would he want to import that attitude into America which is home to almost half of the world’s Jews?

In reality, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Diane Feinstein and other Jewish Democrats have little to fear from Trump, at least as Jews.

They know that over the course of his first term, Donald Trump has done little to nothing for white interests

He hasn’t built the wall and although he has been stronger on refugees and illegals, he has continued legal mass immigration of a million people per year, most of whom are non-Whites.

On the other hand, Trump has done wonders for Israel, whose security is a major interest of the Jewish people.

He has been a great supporter of Jews remaining an ethnic majority in Israel. He has supported their decision to build their own wall.

Good luck chucking rocks over that sucker

He has been hostile to their enemies and negotiated/dictated peace terms from Israel’s enemies that no other President has managed.

He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, confounding his critics who claimed that this would spark war. He recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights and indicates he will support annexation of the West Bank.

He also accepted that Palestinian refugees, who fled Israel in 1948, should not be allowed to return to Israel, which would risk making Jews a minority in their own land.

This has brought him grudging support from some of the more insightful members of the Jewish lobby.

People like Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin (to give just a couple of examples) have come around to Trump’s side after seeing his genuine pro-Israel stance.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that far more Jews are moving towards support for Trump and a genuine “Jexit” from the Democratic Party seems like a real possibility.

This would be a disaster for the Left because, although the Jewish voting block is small, the Jewish lobby does have influence over the media, Hollywood, and the big tech firms who regulate much of the information on the internet.

The ADL itself is partnered with Google, Facebook and YouTube, giving advice on who and what to censor on those platforms.

I love my country – Oops, sorry!

If the Jewish Lobby really does flip to Trump, it will be a serious blow to the Left. We know how much they despise Trump, and that is why they have to portray him, not just as a moderate White activist, but as an extremist White Supremacist.

They must smear him and his supporters as being literally Hitler to frighten the Jewish lobby into not supporting him.

Something tells me, however, that Jews are becoming wise to this and will soon be deserting the Left in droves.

In the meantime, expect to see many more examples of the Left desperately trying to smear Trump and his “deplorable” supporters as a bunch of white supremacists and Jew hating Nazis.