OK, here’s the skinny on the origins of Covid19. You would have heard most of this from various sources, many of which are considered “fringe” at best. This, however, comes from the lips of a brilliant geneticist from the UK who knows what he is talking about, but for now wishes to remain nameless.

Covid 19 is unlike any natural coronavirus. Normal Coronavirus mutate from time to time, but one strand at a time, which keeps them ahead of a steadily improving immune response in their hosts (us).

Covid 19 has a huge chunk of mutated DNA which means that it could only have been created artificially in a laboratory. It was, in fact, created in the laboratory in Wuhan and didn’t originate in a plate of off-colour bat stew.

Covid 19 is highly infectious because it is designed to be so. Normal Coronavirus types can only gain entry to a cell through one method. Covid 19 has 3 ways to gain entry.

Covid 19 contains strands of DNA from the AIDS virus.

The reason for this is that the Wuhan lab were trying to find a cure for AIDS.

They were splicing AIDS DNA onto coronavirus carriers to inject it into human cells as a way to provoke immunity. This is normal type of research.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has recently purchased power tools from Bunnings can attest, the Chinese aren’t yet quite up to ‘world’s best practice’ in technology.

That isn’t to bag out the Chinese. When Soichiro Honda first took a motorcycle to race at the Isle of Man, everyone laughed at him.

The next year he returned and won the race.

East Asians have a high IQ and the Chinese are developing rapidly. For now, however, laboratory protocols are something they need to brush up on.

So, the virus escaped and caused some fairly serious problems around the world. The Chinese put on their usual inscrutable face and denied everything, of course.

Unfortunately for them, Western leaders like Trump and Morrison (surprisingly) called them on it.

This translated to a huge loss of face for the Chinese who felt great shame. They didn’t feel guilt, which may have led them to try to make amends. Instead, they felt shame which drives men to lash out at their victims.

The Chinese have therefore been promoting destructive lockdowns, mask wearing and Government intrusion around the Western world. Other enemies of the West have also been using the opportunity to weaken us.

Perhaps that is why Victoria, which is more beholden to China than any other State in Australia, is leading the way with masks, lockdowns and general tyranny.

I will be attempting to find out more from my source to keep you abreast of this but for now, stay safe and avoid bat soup anyway.