People may be wondering why I have been focused so keenly on the US Presidential Election for the last few months, and why I talk so often about racial issues.

Simply put, I believe that this election is the most important battle in the last couple of hundred years, and possibly much longer.

The loss of this election means that whites are on the brink of a level of ethnic repression which would have been unthinkable to most people just a few months ago.

Many people are beginning to understand this, and I think many are now ready to accept the truth of what this battle is all about.

The fact is, that our enemies consider race to be of the utmost importance. They are, in fact, fanatical about it.

The genius of our enemies has been to pretend that race wasn’t really more than a side issue.

‘The Left’ have pretended all along to be fighting for the oppressed. They claim to be fighting for class, for women’s rights, for economic fairness, for transgender rights and so forth.

They claim that race is irrelevant. That it doesn’t really exist, and that race needs to be eradicated.

Don’t believe them – this is just a smoke screen. When you talk with them, and read their literature, it soon becomes painfully obvious that they only want to eradicate one race – the white race (their words not mine).

That might sound nutty but think about this. Feminism is supposed to be all about women’s rights. Feminists talk endlessly about the oppression of women and how to eliminate it.

Yet try talking to a feminist about oppression of women in non-white countries and watch the transformation.

Suddenly, all bets are off. “We can’t tell people from other cultures or races what to do” is one of the first things they will throw at you.


Why would a feminist allow race to trump women’s rights, even when we are talking about hideously barbaric treatment of women in Islamic countries?

Where was the feminist outrage when ISIS were taking sex slaves? All we hear is excuse after excuse. Most of these come back to a belief that any problems have been caused by …..white men.

Unbeknownst to many women, the feminist movement was never about fighting against men. It was only ever fighting against white men.

And it isn’t just feminism. Scratch any of these Leftist causes and you will always find ‘race’ bubbling just under the surface.

Whether it is gay rights, trans rights, workers’ rights or whatever.

So, while the Left have been fighting these battles motivated by race, Conservatives have been sucked into fighting these battles on ideological grounds.

It’s like taking the proverbial knife to a gunfight.

People are rarely passionate enough about free markets or small government to fight and die for them. Race is a different matter.

It is hardwired into our DNA as a matter of genetic survival. Humans have fought for their races since the dawn of time and will continue to do so until the end.

Understanding how ‘the Left’ have framed the fight this time is key to defeating them.

Just a few short decades ago, white Americans were the most powerful group on the planet. Today, they are fighting for their very survival – so what happened?

How have they been brought to the position they find themselves in today?

Let’s have a look at how the Left started their attacks in small, closed situations like a college or university.

There are several reasons why they would start in academia. Firstly, it was where the groundwork was laid, and secondly, it is the ideal starting point to influence the rest of society.

The first thing they did was to produce a list of unproven and generally unprovable statements that I would call ‘The Dogma.’

This might include, but not be limited to, some of the following:

  • That white, Christian, heterosexual males (I will refer to them as WASPs for convenience sake, which is short for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) are inherently malevolent are in a position of dominant power.
  • WASPs obtained and continue to hold this power purely through their oppression of other people who were peaceful and happy before the WASPs showed up.
  • WASPs use racism to facilitate this oppression. They are able to dominate others because no other people are racist.
  • Non whites are never racist because racism requires power and non-whites never have any power thanks to WASPs. Also, any racist act by a non-whites person is a heroic reaction to white racism.
  • Even the most gentle and generous WASP is capable of turning into a raging Nazi at a moment’s notice and should be viewed with the utmost suspicion. Any sign of patriotism or pride in their people is an infallible indicator of an impending Fascist transformation.
  • All WASPs are responsible for all crimes committed by WASPs throughout history. Non whites are never responsible for crimes committed by their ethnic group.

None of these points make any sense. None are backed up by facts, logic or science. So how did the Left persuade highly intelligent academics to accept them.

The first thing that was done, was to create groups or organisations motivated to help the underdogs of society. The poor, the downtrodden, women, the exploited, the polar bears, whatever.

These groups were then moulded into a loose knit community of Socialists, motivated by far Leftist concerns. They were not motivated by ethnic concerns; they were mostly caring people motivated by sympathy.

The dogma was then packaged and marketed to these people as motivated by concern for the oppressed, the disadvantaged and the underdogs of society.

Neither they, nor the wider community, had any understanding of the ethnic dimension underpinning the movement. Like the rest of us, they were led to believe that race had no part in this fight and was entirely unimportant.

These Left-wing groups act like cults, reinforcing the dogma and gradually increasing its scope. Peer pressure is used to enforce conformity to the dogma and crush dissent.

Any questioning of the dogma is portrayed as heartless and potentially fascist. Unquestioning devotion to the ideals is enforced ruthlessly whilst a sense of belonging is fostered. That is how the Left works. Its tactics are similar to most other cults, though generally not quite as extreme.

Yet still, anyone on the left who questions the dogma will be ex-communicated, cancelled and attacked at any opportunity.

The need to promote the dogma is portrayed as a higher good than all others. Any and all tactics which promote the dogma are excused as a necessary evil.

With these Leftist ‘cults’ in place, the leaders were then in a position to begin forcing acceptance of their dogma on the rest of the group, class or college.

So, they would begin advancing some of the less radical strands of dogma.

Those in positions of power who opposed these milder forms of dogma were picked off. Saul Alinsky wrote the book on this.
“Identify your opponent, isolate them, freeze them out,” he advised.

Professors or academics who opposed the dogma came under attack from those on the left. The attacks are never rational. They are unhinged and hyper aggressive.

People were ostracised, verbally abused, smeared, humiliated and made to feel like pariahs.

Supporters of those targeted were threatened with the same brutal attacks if they stepped up. This left the victims a choice between a grovelling apology (which never sufficed), leaving or being forced out.

Once everyone in the faculty had either acquiesced, decided to stay silent or been forced out, a more objectionable section of dogma could be introduced and the whole cycle could begin again.

Faculty members who decided that a line had been crossed and resisted this dogma were once more attacked, isolated and frozen out.

To think that this all happened coincidentally is naïve in the extreme.

This was planned by a leadership, who were clearly motivated by race, although it was implemented by the followers, who were not.

Remember that all the sections of the dogma are essentially anti-white ethnic attacks, repackaged as support for the helpless and disadvantaged.

Thus, the “long march through the institutions” was conceived, implemented, and used to achieve near total dominance over the higher education system in America and around the Western world.

Once they controlled the universities, students could then be indoctrinated with this dogma from the get-go. The same tactics of oppression were used to even greater effect.

For a young adult to resist or question this dogma, when presented by a respected professor, is beyond all but the clearest thinking of students. The ‘troublemakers’ who did resist have been weeded out by marking them down and failing them.

From academia, the ever expanding and ever more aggressively anti-white dogma has spread out to the schools, the media, entertainment industries, corporations, social media giants, politicians and the bureaucracy.

Politicians are now espousing it quite openly.

Watch to the end to hear Nancy’s Freudian slip.

We have been losing – and continue to lose because we think these attacks are simply aimed at Conservatives, or ‘the Right’ when it is actually an ethnically driven attack on white people.

If we refuse to admit that, and continue fighting this on ideological grounds, we will continue to lose. To win, we must realise that we have to come together as a group to fight.

We must realise that loving our people is not the same as hating other races. Fighting for the survival of our people is not ‘white supremacism.’

That is what our opponents try to force us to believe. They are terrified that we will realise this simple truth.

Unless we can jettison that revolting dogma, then we, and our children, will have a very dark future.

We must once again understand that embracing love of our own people is legitimate for white people, just as it is for non-whites.

We are not uniquely likely to turn this love into a supremacist belief that our people are superior to others.

In fact, there are plenty of examples of non-white races who have held such supremacist beliefs and still do, even today.

Pretending that Hitler was the norm for white people, rather than a grotesque anomaly is obviously and provably false.

Stop falling for this perverted dogma and embrace a love of your people, just as others are encouraged to do.

Our enemies fear this more than anything else in the world.

And please spread this article far and wide, while you still can.