We haven’t heard much from Fraser Anning lately, so this interview is particularly welcome. Fraser is looking happy and healthy and hasn’t changed one iota.

For those who don’t know much about Fraser or Adrian Cheok (who was one of his candidates), this is a great way to see the more human side of him.

Fraser Anning was the Australian Senator who spoke out after the Christchurch massacre about the inevitability of conflict arising from the importation of Muslims into Western nations.

The press twisted his words, claiming he had blamed the Muslims for the tragedy, rather than what he actually did, which was to blame our treasonous politicians for this mess.

It’s long, but worth the effort. The Japanese professor is not really onside with Fraser and doesn’t understand why he is doing what he is doing.

Having said that, he is more than fair and does a good job, allowing the two to speak without the rude interruptions we have become accustomed to from the Western mainstream media hacks.

Fraser talks about ‘Egg Boy’, the Christchurch comments, South African vs South Sudanese refugees and gives a glimpse into his voracious reading habits plus much more.

We will keep you posted with any updates as we receive them.