Remember when President Orange Man was being lambasted for forcing Hispanic kids into cages at the Mexican border?

Remember how every Democrat politician and every Democrat supporting journalist (which is just about all of them) was breaking down and sobbing over the injustice of Donald Trump holding these kids who had just illegally crossed the border in a confined space.

Well, now that Joe Biden is in charge and child migrants are flooding over the border, the Democrats have them cooped up in conditions worse than those they inflicted on the national guardsmen in DC (wait! No – they are nothing like that bad).

James O’Keefe is down there reporting. He seems to have the place to himself. CNN, MSNBC and AOC seem strangely absent.

Now the crisis is twenty times worse, no one seems to give a damn. Chuck Schumer’s eyes are as dry as a nun’s thingy and the media complex are as quiet as the proverbial mouse.

Fortunately for us, Project Veritas has the dirt.
Watch it quick before it is taken down: