Ho hum – another day, another Muslim random mass murder attempt. Flowers, vigils, disbelief, confusion, empty platitudes.

Mert Ney stabbed beautiful blonde 24-year-old sex worker Michaela Dunn to death in Sydney, Australia, in August 2019, before going on a stabbing rampage and attempting to kill as many kaffirs as possible.

He was restrained by bystanders before being arrested by police.

Ney took the stand Tuesday to give his side. He denied it had anything to do with Islam – but people have been known to lie.

Since he is facing life in prison, perjury is probably the least of his worries.

So, maybe his motive was just to kill someone and die at the hands of the police for no real good reason as he says.

Or maybe he was taking revenge against the kuffar to avenge the Christchurch killings a few months earlier. You be the judge.

Mert Ney was the son of Turkish Cypriots. I would have to guess that they came here as refugees because Australians felt sorry for them and wanted to give them a better life away from the violence.

Ney told the court that he watched footage of the Christchurch massacre more than 20 times in the months before the attack and told the court that:

“I was just really obsessed with it … I couldn’t keep my eyes off it,”

He denied, however, that he was motivated by religious extremism.

He explained, matter of factly how he stabbed his victim at first “just to make her be silent” and then stabbed her again in the thigh as she fought for life, choking on her own blood.

“It just wouldn’t stop. It kept going on for a few seconds,” he said

“I knew she was going to die. There were 20 or 30 stab wounds in her neck, she was going to die, there was no doubt about it.”

In the aftermath of Ms Dunn’s death, he took a selfie with Michaela’s body and sent it to a friend on Snapchat.

He had started attending a mosque in Blacktown in the months before the attack, but insisted he wasn’t an extremist and was just playing terrorist to ensure police would kill him.

As part of this ‘pretending to be a terrorist’ he shouted “Allah Akbar” and delivered the Islamic State salute, hoping to provoke police into shooting him dead.

After poor Michaela bled to death, he said he thought: “This is the point of no return, there is no going back. I’ve got to fully commit now.”

his lawyer asked. “Commit to what?”

He replied, “Getting killed.”

So, to sum up.

Mert Ney was a Muslim who was obsessed with the Christchurch shootings and had started going to mosque at around that time.

He had bashed his sister up in a previous incident and went out and murdered a girl before rushing out on a rampage of attempted killing whilst yelling “Allah Akbar” and giving the Islamic State salute, hoping police would shoot him dead.

In response, the police said he did not have links to any terrorist organisations.

That’s probably because the police now believe that only white supremacists are terrorists.

What do you guys think?