Kathy Sherriff is the woman who alleges she was raped by Bill Shorten.

Today she has launched a GoFundMe page for legal costs to retrieve her files from Victoria Police and to pursue her own civil action.

We make no judgement as to the weight of her allegation. Bill Shorten must be given the presumption of innocence of this allegation unless or until proven otherwise in a court of law.

However, we also believe in this age of ‘women must be heard’ that Kathy Sherriff deserves to be listened to. Her story is within the confines of ‘Public Interest’.

Politicians are now arguing for ‘justice for women’.

We invite Bill Shorten to contact us for his version of events and he will equally get the unedited full right of reply.

You can read Kathy’s Story on her Gofundme page here where you can also make donations.