It’s about time that it happened. Someone has put up a petition demanding that the Government not issue vaccination passports for Covid 19. I have signed up and hopefully lots of you will too.

I fear Government tyranny far more than either Covid 19 or its vaccine. That the Government is even contemplating this is a sad indictment on our society.

I wouldn’t be so much against it if Governments around the world hadn’t been so dishonest about everything connected with this disease.

Just over a year ago, Democrats were in New York begging locals to go down to Chinatown and hug a Chinese person and calling Donald Trump racist for closing off the borders.

They said masks didn’t work and now make them mandatory. They imposed lockdowns when the evidence suggests that they are ineffective.

Covid figures were inflated, the tests have massive numbers of false positives. People who test positive are called ‘cases,’ even when they have no symptoms.

If you test positive to Covid in the UK (even if asymptomatic) and die within 30 days, you are classed as a Covid death, even if you are hit by a bus.

Promising treatments such as hydroxychloroquine have never been investigated. It is now illegal for a doctor in Queensland to prescribe it for Covid with a fine of $14,000 if they do.

Vitamin D, which is one of the only things proven to have a positive effect on the disease has never been seriously investigated.

Anyone suggesting that the vaccine has problems is immediately cancelled from the internet by the big tech monopolies.

I could go on, but you know the story.

We need to push back.

Please sign the petition, it is here:

Make sure you get an email and open it and click on the link. That means you have signed.

Thanks all