Well, it looks like Scotty from marketing has decided that Australia will be going all in on global warming. Not because it’s good for Australia, or even because it’s good for the planet. His main reason is because it’s good for the Liberal Party.

Polling shows that the National Party aversion to the global warming agenda has cost more votes in major cities than those won in the bush.

Consequently, he is now making moves and shuffling bureaucrats around in a way that Liberal MPs think is a precursor to his announcement at the November climate conference that Australia will commit to zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

No scientist that I can find, thinks that this will affect the climate of the planet. It could be argued of course that we are setting an example for the rest of the world to follow. If you believe that, I have a terrific bridge to sell you.

Both China and India have populations of around a billion each and both are aggressively building cheap and reliable coal fired power stations.

China is already producing four times as much electricity from coal as second placed USA which has a larger economy. The graph below shows China at the top with the line going towards the Moon. USA is the second down with the declining line and third and fourth place are India and ‘rest of Asia’ both going up. (check it out here)

China has vast amounts of coal fired power under construction right now.

Western nations meanwhile are retiring coal plants and replacing them with more expensive wind and solar.

The reason for this is that when these global warming protocols were signed, third world countries were given a free pass to build as much cheap coal fired power as they liked while Western nations were forced to make enormous cuts.

Our globalist elites never signed up to cut global emissions of CO2. They just transferred cheap and efficient power generation from democratic first world nations with stringent emission and safety standards, to corrupt and dictatorial third world countries.

These giant, and aggressively belligerent nations are now threatening and bullying us. Most of these nations bear historic grudges against us and their only interest in endangered species is not environmental, but culinary.

Third world nations now send their companies over to extract our coal to ship back to their countries to be burnt.

All we get are the royalties which we use to fund welfare checks for our increasingly despondent and drug addicted children.

Nice work idiots.

I get it that Scotty has an election to win, but what is the point if they are only going to cut our throats with a blunter knife than Labor and the Greens.

If Scotty wants to make a difference, other than to his own retirement package, he should take a look at our education system, not to mention our national broadcaster.

Maybe carbon emission cuts would not be so popular if kids weren’t being indoctrinated in school and through the ABC.

Since Scotty is funding both these institutions, he could demand some balanced information from them.

Perhaps he could ask them to explain to their audiences that global warming is a scientific prediction, rather than a scientific fact.

Maybe he could have kids (or ABC employees) investigating polar bear population numbers over the last 70 years, or looking into previous predictions of climate catastrophe which have failed to materialise.

Whilst he is at it, he could put a stop to the disgusting anti-white racism that pervades both these institutions.

Politics is downstream from culture and the Liberals need to figure that out and stop trying to feed the crocodile because it’s going to eat them anyway.

Not surprisingly, corrupt third world nations with burgeoning populations and low pollution standards have become massively wealthy compared to the West.

That is why China is now pushing us all around and threatening us