Melbourne has just opened a huge mass vaccination centre opposite Crown Casino where Victorians can go to get the jab.

Unfortunately, it is completely deserted as the locals are staying away in droves.

This is despite wall-to-wall favourable coverage of the vaccine by the mainstream media and a total ban of any negative stories about the vaccine by the giant tech monopolies like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

If the mainstream media had covered this virus truthfully from the start, then maybe people would trust the vaccine more.

Sadly, as the following story shows, the media, at best, are lying by omission. If they weren’t, then surely their ABC and the commercial channels would be covering this.

So why aren’t they? Is it just because it doesn’t fit their narrative?

And if their narrative is more important to them than the truth, then why should we trust them to report truthfully.

Fortunately for Australia, we have one journalist with the courage and integrity to bring you this news.

Avi Yemini with Rebel News is fast becoming Australia’s most trusted journalist – except by the establishment, of course.

In this expose, he is literally on fire. Onya Avi, keep up the great work.