Dear All,

I just wanted to keep you in the loop as to recent progress we have made here on the Richardson Post.

As you may realise, we have a new technical team which is more suited to our needs. It has been a somewhat traumatic transition that has taken far longer and far more energy than I would have liked but we are almost there now.

To give an idea of the kind of problems we have been facing, until recently, I could load an article and see it immediately but most of you guys wouldn’t see it for seven or eight hours afterwards.

We only fixed that a few days ago.

Whilst there are a few minor problems left, I feel like I am in control of the site for the first time since I took it over from our founder.

Thank you all for your patience and be assured that we are working through the remaining problems as quickly as possible.

Why is this all such a problem? I’m not sure, is the simple answer. The tinfoil hat wearing part of me suspects that we are being attacked, suppressed and shadow banned by our globalist overlords.

Whilst that may or may not be true, we have to protect ourselves against any and all nefarious actors and that takes time and energy and creates problems.

We also are victims of our own success to some extent. Having such a large number of visitors to a website at any one time puts strains on the digital infrastructure and leaves little room for mistakes.

Thankfully, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be in sight which means that we will soon be able to concentrate more fully on providing great content.

This has been a difficult journey, but what has made it possible is the support I have had from this wonderful community.

Many of you have contributed, and continue to contribute, financially. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this.

The site’s existence depends to a very large extent on your generosity and I have been blown away by how many of you have been prepared to contribute regularly.

Because of the sheer number of these small donations, we have been able to pay for things like technical help and legal services that ensure our survival.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have done the right thing and put those regular donations of an amount that you could afford to keep us in the game.

Many of you have also helped out in other ways. You have enlightened us with helpful tips, posted useful content or gone out of your way to promote our articles around your friend groups or on social media platforms.

With the globalists working overtime to supress our voices, it is essential that we work together because that is how we will beat these totalitarian scumbags.

So once again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your help and support.

Kindest regards