The Gateway Pundit has just published an explosive article by Lawrence Sellin. The article covers the latest information about the origins of Covid 19 which Sellin considers having been made by the CCP and Chinese military using information gained from spying on US virus laboratories.

Howell Woltz tells me that “he’s [Sellin is] a no-nonsense military/medical/businessman who is deep inside this story.”

Today, a video was released by a person calling themselves Bartoletti Styers but using a fake voiceover condemning Sellin and accusing him of spreading rumours to enrich himself in unspecified ways.

They do say that if you are taking flak, that you are over the target and this flak kind of feels like it could have come from a large East Asian nation beginning with ‘C’.

I don’t have the expertise to verify Mr Sellin’s accusations but with Rand Paul roasting Dr Fauci in the Senate recently, the case against the CCP seems to be getting stronger by the day.

Report: China’s Military Weapon COVID-19 Was Constructed Completely Under the Command and Control of the Chinese Military

By Joe Hoft