Well, considering it was the shortest day of the year, we sure got a lot done today. First The Australian Senate Rejects Critical Race Theory (CRT) and bans it from The National Curriculum.

Then, Craig Kelly introduces a bill to ban vaccine passports into the Parliament and finally, Barnaby Joyce pushes out Michael McCormack as deputy PM.

Taking them one at a time, Critical Race Theory is to vile anti-white racists what Mein Kampf was to National Socialists. Rooted in Critical Theory, which was developed by a bunch of Communists who were kicked out of Germany by Hitler in the ‘30s partly for being Communist, partly for being Jewish and partly for being subversive.

Having been welcomed into America, they immediately set about trying to destroy the place by blaming white Christian Americans who were fighting the Nazis – for being Nazis.

Critical Race Theory has no basis in facts, logic, dispassionate observation or any other type of scientific investigation.

That doesn’t matter of course, because this theory claims that logic, science and all those other pesky disciplines are (drum roll here please) raaaaacist.

Other things it claims are racist are white people wanting people to be treated equally, white people not seeing racial differences, whites not wanting people to be judged by the colour of their skin but by the contents of their character and a host of other things that white people do – like breathing (possibly).

This black dude obliterates Critical Race Theory. Total hero!

This fraudulent doctrine has been the basis for indoctrinating children in Western schools to believe that all the bad stuff that ever happened in the history of ever, has been caused by whites (and that they themselves are culpable).

Let’s hope this pushback can be the beginning of consigning this garbage to the trash can of history.

Huge shoutout to Pauline, Malcolm and the One Nation team for putting this motion up. Labor and The Greens opposed it because either they hate white people, or else they are just pretending to.

Next up was Craig Kelly’s bill. It demands that no vaccine passport will be introduced into Australia. It should be applauded by all Australians of every political persuasion. The idea that the Government could stop you travelling or kick you out of your job for not having an injection is just Orwellian.

OK, I’m not intending to have the vaccine, but if I was, and I believed it was effective, then why would I care if someone wasn’t vaccinated?

Covid 19 is serious but there are some things far scarier. Government goons with hypodermic needles coercing you into taking a new and scantly tested vaccines is one of them, in my humble opinion.

Then, last but not least, Barnaby Joyce ousted Michael McCormack as Nationals leader and Deputy PM. Not that I think that much of Barnaby, but McCormack is a liar (by omission) in my experience.

You may remember that I put up a petition to have Islam stripped of its status of a religion. It was the 2nd most signed parliamentary petition that year at the time.

McCormack replied with a deceptively edited judgement which made it seem as if Islam was a legitimate religion. The lack of care for his country on that issue was disgusting.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of better times ahead.