ISIS under Obama Taliban under Biden

Four years is a long time. Most of us have forgotten the horrific images of ISIS beheading innocent Westerners and others during the Obama years.

They’re baaaaaack

Most of us have forgotten how, some five minutes after President Trump was elected, ISIS and their evil went running back into the shadows with their tails between their legs.

Well, bringing back Biden and his idiotic cronies has just reopened this particular Pandora’s Box of murder and mayhem.

Welcome yet another disastrous ‘America Last’ Democrat President

Take a bow treasonous mainstream media, tech monopolists and the rest of the disgusting swamp creatures who hate America and the West. Have a good look at what you have done.

Your blind rage and Anglophobia which covered up all manner of corruption, perversion and incompetence of Biden, his family and his team has put lunatics in charge of the most important nation in the World, probably through the theft of an election – and you threaten anyone who even tries to talk about that.

Watch closely the horror unleashed on the unfortunates in Afghanistan and know that this will be coming to your hometown sometime soon if you keep supporting this evil.

Donald Trump may not have been perfect. Maybe some of his 3am tweets were upsetting, but he was a tough and skilled negotiator who made America GREAT for four years before that deeply flawed election that you are desperately trying to prevent audits of.

This clusterflip would have never happened under Trump and you know it. America won and won again under his leadership.

Tyrants everywhere pulled their heads in and knew better than to threaten the West while DJT was in the Oval Office.

Not anymore. The clown you have installed has been destroying our foundations from day one.

The Taliban are running wild, just like the Iranians did under Carter, Al-Qaeda did under Clinton and ISIS did under Obama.

Remember this? Jimmy Carter’s legacy

Soon will come the hostage taking and the beheadings of hostages as they demand more and more from the puppet placeholder president.

Biden will roll over like a cocker spaniel and give them as much of the American taxpayer dollars as they wish, hoping they will go away. They won’t.

The military had a chance to take out Osama Bin Laden but Bill said no to them. Can you see a pattern here?

How do I know this? I know because unlike Biden Inc, I have studied the doctrines of Islam. I have written a book on the subject and exposed the whole scam.

Anyone wanting to understand this, simply needs to read the book (which you can read for free here).

But CNN and MSNBC, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the SPLC and all the other totalitarian goons controlling our media won’t bother.

They won’t be happy with cutting and running, leaving these head-loppers thousands of miles away. Oh no. They will demand that we bring them over here, to America, to Australia, to the UK, to Germany.

They have to inflict this on as many innocent people as possible.

Why will they do this?

Read the book. Educate yourself. Patriots were never the enemy, Islam and its enablers in the West are.