Refugees in the jungle

People smugglers are parasitic scum, I think that we can all agree on that. They prey on the vulnerable and offer them a way to become parasites on someone else’s society in return for large amounts of cash.

The trafficked people are exposed to extreme risks and exploitation. Many are robbed, raped or even die. The host society is financially burdened, made less safe and has its cohesion destroyed. But of course, the people smugglers don’t care about that.

These scumbags just care about the money they make off everyone else’s misery.

Right now, there is a people smuggling ring operating in the UK bringing in economic migrants illegally. This is a very sophisticated operation.

The people running it have money, they have power, they threaten anyone who might oppose them. They threaten journalists who would report on them. They are also being assisted by the French authorities.


Don’t believe me? Watch the following video on Rumble.

Yes, the British Government has gone rogue. It is now actively destroying the nation. Why would they do this, you ask?

Well, money, power, prestige, not having their sexual crimes exposed I guess. I’m not privy to the inner workings of this scam but clearly it is being perpetrated with the knowledge of the highest level of Government and the media and no one has the guts to speak out.

The British Government is no longer working for the British people. Boris Johnson is not the leader of the Conservatives; he is just a patsy for the controlled opposition.

Watch the above video and then tell me I’m wrong. It sickened me to my stomach.

Then please share this, particularly with any Brits you may know.