OK, normally I’d be lying. I actually love saying ‘I told you so’ – but not this time. 20 years ago today, I was standing in line outside an oil refinery, waiting to start work on a new project when I heard about the tragedy of the Twin Towers.

The news was horrifying but hardly unexpected. There had been numerous outrageous Islamic attacks in my lifetime. The Munich Olympics, the Iranian hostage crisis, the 1993 Trade Centre bombings, the bombings in Beirut plus numerous smaller scale attacks.

The difference, I guess was partly the scale, and partly that this was carried out in the heart of a Western nation. The Trade Centre bombings had similar potential but due mostly to good luck, they were not anything like as successful.

After the attack, there were special interest groups who used the attack to push their own agenda. It is conceivable (though highly unlikely) that some had advanced knowledge of the attack.

The way the FBI and the Bush administration were flying Saudis, including members of Bin Laden’s family back to Saudi Arabia whilst the rest of the nation was grounded tells us (as if we didn’t already know it) that the Saudis have massive influence in America.

The speed with which the ‘Neo-Cons’ began pushing the invasion of Iraq tells us something similar.

I have little doubt, however, that the plot itself was an Islamic Jihadist attack like all the thousands of others that have occurred before and since.

On September 12th, 2001, a professor of mathematics and physics in Tennessee turned off the TV set and began purchasing copies of the Islamic holy books. Professor Warner had been involved with an Islamic Sufi sect until he found that there was something wrong with the foundations of the religion and had left.

After 9/11, he studied Islamic doctrine and unpacked it all in a way that made sense.

In 2006, I was digging. Not with a shovel, but with a computer. The internet was maturing rapidly. We had broadband and I was trying to find the roots of Islam myself with encouragement from a friend who was a Syrian Arab.

Unlike most Syrians, however, my friend was a Christian and had been discovering things himself. The two of us spent time after work investigating Islamic issues through Arabic and Western internet sites.

My friend spoke Arabic as his native tongue and had grown up in an Islamic country which gave him a clearer insight into what was really going on.

Around this time, Professor Bill Warner began publishing his books which explained the core tenets of Islamic doctrine and the threat it posed for the West.

Although they were well written and convincing, I felt I needed to put this information into a story that people would warm to.

Many of you are familiar with the book I wrote. Despite having to self publish, and never having written anything in my life before, the book became a major best seller, selling over 30,000 copies. This, despite the fact that I gave it away for free on the internet (I’m not much of a businessman).

Despite offering a US$1000.00 reward for anyone who can prove the book false, I am still holding the cash.

Every part of the book has proven itself over the ensuing decades and the recent debacle in Afghanistan, where this whole recent thing started, has played out exactly as predicted.

In a recent interview for the Gateway Pundit, former President Trump points out that they had knives whilst we had F16s yet they still won.

In my book, all those years ago, I wrote the following:

“Now can you understand the awesome power of Jihad? You can’t beat it with nuclear weapons,

smart bombs, or stealth bombers.

 It doesn’t matter how many laser guided missiles or unmanned drones you have. It doesn’t matter how well trained your army is. If you are too afraid to admit who your enemy is, then you might as well throw them all in the bin for the good they will do you.

You cannot beat Jihad with force, it is too powerful; don’t even bother thinking about it, the

army will not save you from Jihad.

The only thing that will save us from Jihad is the truth and:

Truth cannot exist without courage.

The problem we have is not a lack of military hardware, or of courageous troops. The problem lies with a leadership that refuses to grow a pair and tell it like it is.

Not one of our leaders will take a stand and tell the truth. Islam is an aggressively hostile religious and political system which is diametrically opposed to everything we hold dear.

All we need to do to win, is to admit that fact. Unfortunately, we are now ruled by hostile elites, many of whom hate our guts so much that they are prepared to believe in fantasies like the existence of a peaceful Islam which most Muslims belong to.

Until we can get leaders into place who are connected to planet Earth, and keep them in power, then things will continue to deteriorate rapidly.

We don’t need to spend trillions of dollars or take thousands of casualties to win this war. We just need to man up and start telling the truth.

If you haven’t already done so, please read my book. It’s free here, or you can buy a hard copy if you wish.