I would like to send this article back in time to show to people in the 1980s. Unfortunately, I doubt very much that they would believe it.

A group of Polish MPs (may God bless them) gathered outside the Australian Embassy in Poland to protest the brutality and totalitarianism of various Australian Governments (especially the Victorian one).

The following video is rather crudely translated but the level of disgust these Polish MPs share for the totalitarian bastardry being shown by the Victorian police in particular, is crystal clear.

Smashing innocent people to the ground, pepper spraying innocent grandmothers and firing rubber bullets at people’s heads does not play well on the international stage.

The excuse for this behaviour is to try to eradicate a disease with a kill rate not much greater than the common flu.

This is the kind of behaviour that Australia has long critisized rogue regimes in the Third World for.

Now Poland, of all countries, is criticizing us. These MPs remember all too well where this kind of thing leads.

In fact, our Queensland Premier should understand this too. Her Grandfather was locked up in a Labour Camp in WW2 and escaped to Australia after the war to avoid the horrors of Communism.

Will Annastacia Palaszczuk stand up for our human rights, or will she join Dan Andrews in tearing them down and dragging us down the path of totalitarianism from which there is no peaceful way to return.

Don’t hold your breath on that one. Watch the video and hope that international pressure can shame these disgusting politicians out of this unconscionable behaviour.

I don’t know how they look their children in the eye.