Remember when doctors and nurses were heroes for fighting against Covid without vaccines to protect them? The Poms used to clap for them every night at 7pm (bit surreal if you ask me).

Strangely enough, however, doctors and nurses who want to carry on saving lives without a vaccine are now evil pariahs who are being thrown out on the scrap heap of life for refusing the jab(s).

Whatever happened to ‘my body, my choice?’

Remember that one?

Funny how that was thrown down the gurgler when it got in the way of gigantic drug corporation profits.

So much for the compassionate Left.

On Tuesday there will be a rally for support of our healthcare professionals who refuse the jab and are being thrown out of work as a consequence.

I received the following plea from a friend:

Please see details of ‘Nurses for Choice’ Peaceful Protest,  in support of Queensland Nurses and healthcare workers, stood down over the vaccine mandates. Queensland Health has stood down at least 4,000 nurses and associated healthcare workers at a time they will be needed most!. This could result in Queenslanders being unable to access medical support.

Graeme Haycroft from the ‘Nurses Professional Association Queensland’ union supporting these workers, will be one of the guest speakers.

If you have chance, please get down there to support them because you might be next.

LaBalsa Park, off Pointcartwright Drive Buddina, Qld 4575 is the venue.

Tuesday 9/11/21 at 9am.

Be there because you never know, you might just need them in the near future.

Annastacia Palaszczuk should be hanging her head in shame.