Queensland Nurse for Choice Protest

I’m literally boiling as I write this. It’s close to midnight and I have to be up for work at 6am but what the heck. This is insane.

Queensland Premier Anastasia Palletchook has just dropped the bombshell.

Come 17th December 80% of Queenslanders will be double jabbed and so she will be opening up the state borders – only to the double vaccinated of course.

Unfortunately, modelling (or whatever voodoo they are currently using) predicts that these fully vaccinated immigrants will bring a wave of Covid with them (great vaccine, hey).

Consequently, her Highness has decided to impose severe punishments for those who are unvaccinated.

Although the unvaccinated are currently allowed to live pretty much the same as everyone else, as of December 17, they will not be allowed to visit hospitals, aged care facilities, prisons, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, hotels, taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars and music venues, concerts, theatres and cinemas outdoor entertainment activities like sports stadiums and theme parks, as well as all festivals and weddings, with police set to enforce requirements for venues.

Here’s a suggestion. How about we sew yellow stars on to their clothing. Perhaps we could set aside an evening where mobs go round smashing the windows of the unvaxed businesses.

Let’s ramp up the propaganda and clear out these vermin until the whole state is unvaxed free.

You may think that someone from Anastasia’s background would be a little more tyranny hesitant than this, but you’d be wrong of course.

In full on Orwell double speak, she announced on Twitter that: “Fully vaccinated Queenslanders will be rewarded on 17 December or once we reach 80% double dosed.”

Yep, ‘rewarded’ by not being punished for not wanting to take a vaccine that has had little more than a year of testing. Every other vaccine in the history of ever, has been tested for at least 10 years before approval.

As we reported the other day, there was a protest called Queensland Nurses for Choice Protest at LaBalsa Park, Point Cartwright on the Sunshine Coast. We sent down two reporters to cover it. They have some video that I haven’t been able to post yet but, here is their report:


4000 nurses in Queensland are protesting being sacked over vaccine. (richardsonpost.com)

Approximately 100 people turned out to support our brave nurses who are fighting for our freedom and against the tyranny that is taking hold of our once great country.

These nurses have been stood down from their jobs and have no idea what the future holds for them but that has not stopped them speaking out fiercely for what they believe in and in the wrong they see happening in our hospital systems.

There were a number of speakers voicing their dismay at the volume and severity of the covid shot injuries that are flooding our hospitals, government overreach and the disregard of human rights.  This is being ignored by the main stream media and covered up by the Government.

Margaret Gilbert, President of NPAQ (Nurses Professional Association of Queensland) was kind enough to tell us about her organisation.  Margaret also told us about how this new union movement is providing democratic support for the suspended nurses who have chosen not to take the jab.

You can contact NPAQ here: Home | NPAQ (redunion.com.au)

Margaret Gilbert, President, NPAQ