Here at The Richardson Post, we maintain a healthy scepticism for the pronouncements of any gigantic corporation that is making billions in profits. That is not to say that they are all bad, but when public good interferes with massive profits, we need to look carefully at the decisions that these corporations are taking.

The Covid 19 vaccines are a spectacular demonstration of this conflict of interest. The vaccine makers, which all seem to have the same majority shareholders, are making billions of dollars from vaccines whose trials were rushed through in unprecedented haste.

Are these giant pharma corporations doing this for the public good, or is profit a contributing factor?

Like many of you, I have long suspected that these trials were not conducted with unquestionable rigour.

If they were, then why would these corporations have demanded legal indemnity and secrecy clauses in their contracts?

Now, however, a Canadian group has put together a serious analysis of the flaws of the trials from publicly available data (which the FDA wanted hidden for 50 years btw).

This presentation is the most comprehensive and well put together assessment of this situation that I have yet seen.

Please take the time to watch it and/or read the pdf and follow and check the links. Then, take their advice and share it with everyone you know, including your MP.