That might sound a bit strange. As regular readers know, I have the highest regard for Professor Peterson.

He has an incredible brain. As a philosopher, I consider him one of the best ever. As a clinical psychologist, he is excellent.

His IQ is through the roof and he has the ability to cut through idiotic dogma in a way that most people could only dream.

As a fighter, however – he is a first class loser.

During the period that Peterson has come to fame, he has been vehemently opposed to any attempt to admit that whites have interests.

His particular bugbear was the Alt-Right, a group of young men who were disaffected by the fact that as whites, they were being rampantly discriminated against.

There was, of course, a dark underbelly to the Alt-Right. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to throw out the baby with the bathwater as Peterson did.

The situation was like a giant auditorium full of people, mostly getting along.

From time to time small groups of thugs would come in to the auditorium with baseball bats and flog anyone who looked at them funnily.

The obvious way to deal with this, is for everyone in the auditorium to band together against the thugs.

NO! NO! NO! yelled Jordan. We can’t do that because we might end up hurting people. What we must do, is to tell the thugs to stop doing this because it will work out badly for our society.

Newsflash Jordan. The thugs don’t give a rat’s backside for society. They just care about themselves and their fellow thugs because that’s how they take and maintain power.

Not surprisingly, the thugs are now taking over and no one in the auditorium is prepared to do anything to stop them because they know that they will be on their own.

No one else will stick up for them because Jordan and his mates convinced them that banding together is just morally wrong.

Anyone standing up to the thugs now will face them alone.

Jordan, however, is fortunate. He is talented enough to be out of reach of the thugs for now.

He has a huge following, book sales and fame which keeps him out of reach of the thugs.

No one can fire him for his opinions. His family won’t go hungry because of his moral posture.

Yet now, from his position of safety, he can’t understand why the rest of us plebs are not standing up to the thugs with the baseball bats.

Why are we letting them take over he wonders?

Well Jordan, you are a clinical psychologist, you work it out.

It’s called fear mate, and it’s one of the most powerful drivers of human behaviour.

How did you think people were going to behave when you allowed them to be isolated and picked off one at a time?

Well, Jordan is pissed off about this and he lets fly at these poor, unfortunate, isolated individuals and the thugs who are tearing our society apart.

Fine sentiments and a great monologue. Just a shame that with his extraordinary intelligence he still can’t figure out where he went wrong.

He forgot to factor in human psychology.

Watch Jordan read his monologue here:

Or read the transcript here: