Nurse Ratched attended the Clive Palmer United Australia Party function on the Sunshine Coast North of Brisbane yesterday.

She was very impressed with what she saw and came back with some very interesting claims.

Now, we haven’t been big fans of Clive in the past. He seems far better in business (usually) and in court than he is in politics.

His last campaign was an expensive disaster and this one seems only slightly better presented though this time, he has an issue which is dear to the hearts of a significant number of Australians.

The basis of his campaign is to challenge the tyrannical direction that the various federal and state politicians and unelected bureaucrats have been forcing us into under the cloak of Covid protection.

At yesterday’s meeting, Nurse Ratched was told that Clive’s challenge to the Queensland Government’s policies in court was the catalyst for the ending of the border restrictions for all citizens.

Yes, the Queensland Government opened the border to all just before the court hearing brought about by Clive.

He is also suing the WA premier and members of his Government personally for dishonestly causing harm.

Those claims were repeated by Clive in an interview here:

What Clive is also reported to have said is that he had not intended to pursue a Senate seat. He had intended that Israel Folau would stand as the UAP candidate.

Unfortunately, the Government has kept Israel out of the country under the guise of Covid restrictions forcing Clive to stand himself.

 We’ll be investigating these claims in the coming days and will try to keep you updated.

Watch this space.