Many of you will remember a lady named Kathy Sherriff who made the accusation that she was raped by Labor leader Bill Shorten when she was a 16 year old minor.

Kathy reported the rape and the case was sent to Victoria’s Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP). According to Kathy, the OPP did not bother to look at the file once they read the name of the accused on the cover of the police brief. This comes from direct information given to Kathy from a person named on her website. They just dropped the case like a hot potato because, well… y’know.

Kathy was well connected in the Labor party, running the most successful youth branch in Victoria. She tried to get the Party high ups to take notice, the leaders of the party of #metoo which cares about women. They also wiped her like a dirty bum because well… y’know.

Kathy turned to numerous law firms in Victoria for help but Bill Shorten has them on retainers (admitted by the law firms themselves), so they didn’t want to help because well… y’know.

That might have been the end of it, but Kathy’s story is so shocking that some serious people are now taking notice. They think that Kathy should at least have her day in court. They think that if some people are above the law, that we may as well be living in North Korea (and soon may be).

No one should be above the law. No one should be shielded from accusations simply because of their position in a political hierarchy which allows them to evade the consequences of their actions.

Kathy has compelling evidence and witnesses to what happened. She has a right as an Australian to make her accusations in a court of law.

George Pell’s accusers had no problem getting him into a Victorian court, even after one of the star witnesses had passed away. But that’s because well… y’know.

Kathy now has a website detailing her shocking story and her appalling treatment. You can find it by clicking here and I encourage you to visit it and support her efforts because well… y’know.

Expect to hear more of this because I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.