Regular readers will remember the awesome Josephine Cashman.

She is the one-woman dynamo who ran around this gigantic country on her own dime (plus what some of you guys generously chipped in) to find out what actual aboriginal people thought about “The Voice”.

That monstrous idea was designed to destroy our constitution to supposedly give aboriginal people a ‘voice’ yet was totally opposed by true aboriginals and their leaders. Josephine’s hard work was able to bring that message out and show it to the world.

She wrote some great articles in that major news outlet known as The Richardson Post here, here, here and here.

Of course, as journalists we are totally politically impartial but if you live in the seat of Lyne and you don’t vote 1 for Josephine, then we’ll never speak to you again.

Here is her press release with her contact details at the bottom so if you want to vote for her, donate to her campaign, hand out how to vote cards or any other of those political things that mean so much and help enormously, then drop her a line.

Josephine Cashman is standing for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in the seat of Lyne because, in her own words, “One Nation has proven its commitment to the Australian people who have been neglected by the major parties. They have not been focused on the cost of living and other immediate concerns. Most major party politicians have never experienced struggling to make ends meet.

Josephine is committed to regional Australia. “I am honoured to be a descendant of the Aboriginal Warrimay people from the mid north coast of New South Wales and I am equally proud of my colonial ancestors. If elected, I promise to honour your voices and speak for you on the floor of the House of Representatives” Josephine says.

As a former New South Wales Crown Prosecutor, Josephine feels an obligation to support our nation. “I feel compelled to speak against the abuse I have witnessed occurring in our communities. Few politicians have been listening to the people who are suffering. Financial and other resources rarely reach the people who need it the most.”

On Saturday Josephine is voicing these concerns at the Reignite Democracy Australia Rally from 1-3pm at Tinonee Memorial School Arts School, Tinonee NSW.

David Gillespie is the current member for Lyne and Josephine said she is not impressed, “as a medical doctor and the Minister for Regional Health he should know better.”

One Nation opposes COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Australian citizens and will continue its push for a Royal Commission into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic by Australian governments. One Nation believes that the Australian people deserve a comprehensive account of the decisions made by their governments to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. We need a Royal Commission not to lay blame or find scapegoats—because the buck will always stop with the Prime Minister and State and Territory leaders as it must in a representative democracy—but primarily to learn which pandemic measures worked and which didn’t, so that we are much better prepared for the next pandemic.

“The Morrison government claims they’ve handled COVID 19 well but the facts speak for themselves, and this is far from the truth. Our death rate is 6 times higher than Taiwan. This is the closest comparable place to Australia as both countries have the geographic advantages of being remote island nations: the Australian death rate is 218 in every million whereas Taiwans is 35 in every million” Josephine says.

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