With an election in the offing, now is our chance to make a change. The last couple of years have shown us all what an incompetent and morally bankrupt bunch we have in Parliament.

During that time, they ran us into a Trillion dollars in debt over a virus that for most people was little worse than a head cold.

Not content with that, they made it illegal for doctors to prescribe harmless, and potentially life saving medicines to treat Covid whilst mandating vaccines which had barely been tested and showed horrendous side effects, up to and including death.

Suddenly, the principles of freedom which the Richardson Post has been talking about for so long were no longer just abstract irrelevancies.

Instead, the lack of freedom morphed into petty tyrants closing down people’s businesses and demanding they be jabbed with unapproved gene therapies (they were approved only for emergency use and then only because alternative therapies had been declared illegal).

Whilst the Liberals were bad, Labor would be far worse. Ideally, of course, the whole damned lot of them would be facing an enquiry and possibly jail time.

That is unlikely, of course, but we can use our votes to put them in a more suitable position, like flipping burgers for example.

Thanks to Australia’s fantastic voting system, a smart and careful voter can have a bigger impact than someone who is blissfully ignorant.

Richardson Post readers should fall into the former category thanks to the efforts of our friends who have been doing the leg work around this subject so that we don’t have to.

The following is from good friends of mine who wish to remain anonymous:

Hello friends

Election time is on us again and many of us are seriously considering our voting options!

From our perspective, significant change is needed, as the last 2 years has taught us that the politicians no longer serve us….they serve themselves and their UN and WEF masters. 

The major parties that have dominated our politics over the past decades have changed our nation from a once prosperous and free country into one that is divided, fearful and nervous about the future. 

The ‘Trusted Digital ID’ bill is waiting to be presented to the floor of parliament.  It is essentially a copy of China’s Social Credit System, about to be implemented in Australia. 

We believe this is THE most significant and dangerous piece of legislation ever to be put to the floor of parliament, yet the major parties are NOT talking about it this election.

We assume this is because if people found out about it’s capabilities, – if possible, they would collectively vote the major parties out of office. 

While this bill is of the highest concern, there are many others; mandates, discrimination, job losses, APHRA bullying medical professionals, Net Zero by 2050, the eye-watering $1 trillion debt with no plans of repayment, transhumanism, the removal of private property rights……and more.

Sadly, we have UN and WEF operatives throughout the bureaucracy and in federal parliament directing legislation to create a totalitarian state.

So, if you – like us – believe that change is necessary, we need to change the way we vote.  

There is a new website: 


to help voters choose their House of Reps. and senate candidates from among the FREEDOM PARTIES and true conservative independents.

Please go onto the website and select your state and electorate and follow the prompts.  This site will allow you to print down or save your own generated HOW TO VOTE (HTV) cards. 

You don’t need to gather a bundle of HTV cards from booth volunteers.

(Harry’s note: what they don’t mention on this website is always to put Liberals before Labor and Greens last. Also, sometimes they may generate a card with a party you aren’t that keen on a little higher than you would like. You can change the order on the site before printing it out apparently).

This is the very first time in political history that YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE and the power to vote for change and take back your freedoms.

If you need a quick explanation of how the electoral system works, please watch this short 5 minute video from Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia.    HOW TO VOTE in 5 mins

Let’s vote for a future where freedoms are our right, bodily integrity is respected, everyone is equal under the law, the Constitution is upheld, the judiciary does its job, the Governor General either steps up or steps aside and where WE select who governs us!  (not the UN or the WEF)

The End.

Excellent advice and the website and video are fantastic resources. Here are some further notable points from our good friend James Darby who will be releasing a video shortly for poll workers.

Ensure you number in your boxes with pen not pencil (for obvious reasons).

To check to make sure your vote is valid you are welcome to show it to a Polling Booth employee.

If you make a mistake, please ask for a new ballot paper from the poll workers. It is your right.

Signs to this effect should be mandatory in all Polling Booths.

The Senate ballot paper has an inferior Optional Preferential Voting system. For maximum integrity, number every box either Above or Below the Line.

If you are a scrutineer. You must have full right to be fully aware of the security relating to overnight security of Ballot Boxes with no requirement to cease to observe.

James also notes that since members of Political Parties are disallowed to act as Paid Electoral Staff in Polling Booths, the ban should be extended to Unionists.

Here is James’ pick for voting in the Queensland Senate ballot paper. Feel free to follow his lead if you want to keep Socialism out. James has a lifetime of political experience so I will be voting this way: