On the 22nd of May world governments will meet in Geneva to sign away the sovereign rights of their people to the World Health Organisation. 

Governments will no longer determine how they deal with diseases and ‘pandemics’, WHO technocrats will have the authority to intervene in the policies and laws of any nation that signs the Global Pandemic Treaty.

Both sides of politics in Australia have publicly confirmed that they support and will sign Australia up to the Global Pandemic Treaty which effectively will sign away our constitutional rights.

If you were ever in any doubt that our traitorous politicians were a part of a new world order agenda, this should set things straight for you.

Editor in Chief

The ‘New Normal’ of medical fascism is coming regardless of how Australians vote at the federal election.

Having acquired a taste for globalised control during the Covid pandemic, the World Health Organisation has teamed up with vaccine manufacturers, philanthropic billionaires, and power-crazed world leaders to create a ‘Global Pandemic Treaty’ in Geneva.

It is set to form part of the ‘one health’ approach proposed by the WHO and has been pitched by its creators as a way to overcome the inconvenient battle between – as they put it – globalism and statism.

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