This may be the worst of both worlds. Both major parties were decimated whilst the Greens and Climate activists were the big winners

The truth is that Labor didn’t win, it was just that the Liberals lost more.

What did the Liberals do wrong? Well, as usual, they refused to tackle any serious issues at the core.

They left the Melbourne Declaration and National Curriculum in place allowing schools and universities (not to mention the ABC) to continue indoctrinating children against them.

As time goes by, this is poisoning the wellspring of young Australians who are now coming up and are voting en masse against them.

Here are a few of the major issues that the Liberals have failed to act on, or explain to voters:

Climate change

One of the biggest defections of Liberals was from people who want more action on global warming (recently rebranded as climate change). During its time in power the Liberals failed to explain the following:

  1. Climate change is not reality, it is a prediction and one which has failed to materialise so far. The Poles are not melting and the reef is not dying because of it.
  2. No one on planet Earth has yet been displaced due to climate change. It may never happen.
  3. Closing down coal power stations carries a massive financial cost for unproven environmental benefits.
  4. Closing down our few coal power stations whilst China and India build hundreds of new ones is simply transferring power to corrupt and potentially dangerous competitors.
  5. Closing down our few coal power stations is likely to lead to disastrous blackouts, load shedding, enormous price rises, job losses and uncompetitiveness throughout the economy.
  6. The most vulnerable will be the worst affected by this.

The Liberals have allowed all dissenting voices to be silenced. They have then pursued anti-coal policies in a half hearted way meaning that the lunatic green fringe can always accuse them of
“not doing enough” whilst the Liberal base hate them for “doing too much.”


The Liberals have joined with Labor to deny Australians a voice on immigration since the Seventies. They have overseen a massive influx of Chinese and other Asians.

Perhaps they thought that these successful business oriented people would naturally vote Liberal and keep them in power.

John Howard was targeted by Asian and Korean voters in his electorate and removed in 2007 having brought in huge numbers of them.

They did it because he didn’t oppose One Nation strongly enough. One Nation were pro the Anglo majority and the Chinese didn’t like that – massive Karma.

Morrison has fallen into the same trap. After being pro Asian immigration, the Chinese voted Labor as they didn’t like the Liberals taking a tough line on China.

Great. Chinese Australians can now punish an Australian Government which isn’t doing what China wants. Pure genius.

Financial Management

The Coalition blew a Trillion dollars (with a capital T) on Covid which mostly turned out to be a rough flu.

Our economy will likely be paying for that for generations. Even without that act of fiscal vandalism, the Liberals these days run on a promise of giving away slightly less than Labor would.

In their minds, this makes them good economic managers. Meanwhile, Labor voters see them as stingy whilst right wingers see them as irresponsible.

Pandemic management

Greg Hunt banned both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. I think this was an Australian first, banning doctors from prescribing ‘off label’ therapeutics. It stank.

Like other Western powers, Morrison fudged figures on numbers of deaths, numbers of hospital admissions and cases.

What he didn’t do, he allowed the States to get away with. He then advocated the mass roll out of an untested vaccine with major side effects and the effective mandating of this vaccine for workers.

He has also seen the rollout of this vaccine to children who face minimal threat from Covid but could potentially be harmed massively by the vaccines.

Yesterday, shortly after voting, a lady knocked on my door collecting for a hospital in Brisbane.

Specifically, she was collecting for parents of babies born with ‘complications.’ She informed me that there is a huge increase in these.

Apparently, this is in the region of one in four babies being born today having these ‘complications’. I asked if this was related to the Covid vaccines.

“I don’t know” she said, with a blank look on her face. I asked her how long this had been going on. “About two years” she replied

God help us all.

Aboriginal Voice

The fact that the Australian Constitution is designed to protect all Australians and does not mention race, does not make it a racist document.

This should have been the core message of the Liberals but Morrison was less emphatic than even Turnbull.

‘The Voice’ will be a bureaucratic black hole for taxpayer dollars and a bastion of Anglophobic hatred which will be like an albatross around the neck of future Liberal governments and politicians.

Real Aboriginals aren’t ‘crying out’ for a ‘voice.’ The ones screaming for this are the so called leaders such as corporate lawyer Mark Liebler who heads up the Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), and Marcia Langton, a former Marxist who doesn’t seem to have ever disavowed her previous beliefs.

Scomo has caved to these ideological crazies but not as much as Labor and The Greens will.


This slavish scramble to grab the ‘moderate centre’ has left Morrison trailing the left whilst alienating his base.

The only good outcome in the election so far is that Peter Dutton has retained his seat and may possibly be voted in as Liberal Leader. If that had happened after the Turnbull spill, it is likely that we would be looking at a very different result today.

Unfortunately, Scomo will probably do what his predecessor did and try to throw a spanner in the works, keeping Dutton out and installing another WEF friendly stooge to ensure Australians never really get a choice except for dumb – or dumber.

We can only hope for a Senate full of freedom friendly types who will put a lid on the craziest ideas. This may well lead to a double dissolution in another couple of months.

Watch this space.