A friend of mine sent me a plea for help. In the US, the sleazy Democrats are on the verge of approving Covid vaccinations for babies 6 months and older cos they just love helping poor people and faceless multibillion dollar pharmaceutical corporations.

If crooked Joe Biden approves it, you can bet your left buttock that Albo and Plenty Wrong will be jumping on the gravy train.

As you know, this vaccine is barely tested and has caused thousands of deaths worldwide already. Who knows what the long term effects will be, especially jabbing babies with little natural immunity?

Fortunately, there is something we can all do about it. As my friend explains it:

You can lodge your opinion with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Citizens Submissions close June 7th — so do it NOW.

You do NOT need to be a US citizen or resident. Australia can have a BIG influence here.

They usually only get up to 100 citizen opinions but, last time, there were over 143,000 opinions lodged and Pfizer withdrew their application.

THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE EASY TO FOLLOW — Just a few minutes to save the babies. CLICK HERE


PLEASE SAVE THE CHILDREN NOW – And send this on to ALL you know.  We need Network Effect here.

This is what I wrote (but it’s important not to copy and paste exact words to avoid disqualification, so please write your own, even if it’s just one sentence!):

(Cut and Paste — do not use “Forward”).

“COVID-19 poses no serious health risk to healthy babies and children, while the experimental COVID injections (“vaccines”) have resulted in many adverse events, including death, in babies, children and adults worldwide.  Furthermore, the COVID “vaccines” do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus.  The vaccinated have been contracting COVID and in some cases, dying.  In addition, there may be serious COVID vaccine risks to babies and children later in life (even if they are not visibly harmed by the vaccines immediately).  These include myocarditis/pericarditis, strokes, cancer, infertility, and long lists of other issues, as listed in the documents disclosed by Pfizer under the FOIA.

So while there is no real evidence that the COVID vaccines benefit babies and children, there is mounting evidence that they can (and do) harm them.

Therefore, it is a travesty to inject these medications (vaccines) into babies and young children.  NO vaccines for babies and young children!

Thank you.”

Please forward this to everyone you know!