One of the major forces driving The Richardson Post, is the defence of free speech. We have written much about this subject but essentially, it is the right of people to offer their opinions without being punished for them.

Free speech protections do not, of course, protect incitement to violence. Our opponents understand this and are currently attempting to blur the line between opinion and violence.

They use catchy slogans like “Silence is Violence.”

It isn’t.

Inciting people to violence, encouraging them to hurt others is akin to violence and has, naturally, been illegal for a very long time in the Anglosphere.

Opinions, however, need to be aired because that way, bad ideas can be dealt with. When people are free to propose ideas or to refute them, we are likely to find the best outcome, or something close.

Some ideas seem terrible to some people. For instance, the idea that addictive drugs should be legal or that unusual sexual practices should be discussed, or even encouraged, in primary schools.

These ideas invoke passionate responses on both sides.

Banning these ideas is not helpful. Discussing them frankly, without fear or favour, is.

Tyrants and bigots don’t want alternative viewpoints to be heard. They are determined to silence those who would disagree with them.

There are many viewpoints these days that will get you silenced and de-platformed.

Distrusting Covid vaccines or speaking out against mandates and lockdowns is one sure way to face the wrath of the censors. Doubting climate change is another.

There is one idea, however, that seems to trigger the elite censors more than any other.

A leading proponent for this idea has been de-platformed more comprehensively than just about anyone else I am aware of.

He was rapidly removed from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Ticktock. It didn’t stop there, however. Paypal, Spotify, Amazon and a whole raft of other platforms took him down. Many of them were so obscure I hadn’t even heard of them.

Even supposedly free speech platforms like Gettr have now banned him for expounding this idea.

The idea is considered so toxic by our globalist elites that he is on a national ‘no fly list’. He can’t even board an aeroplane in the United States of America.

The FBI investigated him and took all of his money out of his bank account, presumably because he promotes this idea.

The strange thing is, that most people would be in favour of the idea in principle. Most people would expect that their government is guided by this idea.

In fact, it isn’t and pointing this out is what has landed this young gentleman in so much hot water.

You are probably wondering what this idea is that is so dangerous and radical to have someone’s life turned upside down in this way?

The idea is………. America First.

Yep. That’s it folks. Expecting the American Government to put the interests of America before the interests of any other nation is what has brought down the wrath of the powers that be, onto this young man’s head.

Agree or disagree, this idea should be allowed to be discussed.

You can listen to Nick expounding his ideas here:          Nick612021_Trim:8381aa870762bdbf0d3dbd2acc29af3069f8ffa7

In the interests of avoiding the algorithmic censors, I won’t even publish his surname and have put a gap in the URL (hint, you will need to paste into your search bar in two parts).

We are already being squashed by Google. Type “The Richardson Post” into that search engine and not a single suggestion comes up.

To its credit, Bing will start suggesting us once you have typed in “Rich” (at least on my computer).

Whilst big tech can censor us on its platforms. It cannot stop any of us emailing links to people. This is still an effective way to share ideas so that they can spread.

As George Washington so eloquently explained: “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter”.

Boy was he right.