Funny, but this scary movie isn’t even a movie – it is a presentation on Zoom. I’m not familiar with the presenter but if half of what he is saying is the truth then we are in serious trouble.

Think 1984 meets Terminator and The Matrix and you are starting to get the idea. The worst part is, that this is not “in the future” as those films were. We are in the future and it’s happening now.

Hopefully Nurse Ratched can embed this one, otherwise she can provide a link.

Start from the 2 minute mark to save yourself some time, unless you want to hear the list of impressive credentials that this man wields:

You may remember the software engineer who was fired from Google for claiming that its AI was becoming sentient.

If that really was the case, then such entities will only become smarter and more powerful as time goes on. Combine such Artificial Intelligence with the “Internet of Things” and suddenly, the future doesn’t look so rosy, even for the lunatics who are planning this revolution. It is little comfort that they will be the first ones that Skynet will liquidate.

Please watch the above video and pass this on to everyone you know.