Over the last few years I, like many others, have been concerned about the proliferation of mosques in Australia and around the Western World. This wasn’t just some queasy gut feeling. I laid out my reasons for my objections in my first article on the Richardson Post here:


Since that time, there have been numerous mosques approved and built, often over vociferous community objections. No matter how well founded these objections were, councils almost invariably went ahead and approved the development.

Of course, it isn’t the job of a local council to identify the dangers of a religious ideology. That particular failing rests on the shoulders of the Federal Government. There are however, many other reasons why a mosque application might be refused.

Sometimes, these developments have been entirely inappropriate for the area they have been approved for. Sometimes they have been unsuitable on grounds of traffic, sometimes through environmental impact.

I have seen mosque applications opposed on just about every imaginable ground. Often, local people have been well organised and have made their wishes crystal clear to the councils involved.

Yet in almost every case, the council has overridden not only the objections of local residents, but even their own protocols and regulations. The question has always been, why would these councils be so keen to approve these mosques over the objections of the ratepayers whom they are supposed to be serving?

Very few of these councillors have been Muslims. Most have been ordinary, white Anglo people, of either Atheist or Christian backgrounds.

There has always been the possibility that they were concerned about being called racist. After all, officials in Rotherham, in England stood by while 1,400 English schoolgirls were raped, enslaved and trafficked, simply to avoid accusations of racism.

However, (and you can call me a cynic for this) I have always suspected there was more to this story than met the eye. It just wasn’t normal. Why were these ordinary, middle class, white councillors bending over backwards to accommodate Islam?

Having spent time in Islamic countries and knowing how business is conducted in that world, I was always suspicious of what was going on. You don’t need to be an expert in Islam to figure it out either. Just look down the rankings of Transparency International’s corruption index.

Muslims look to Mohammed as the perfect example. The Prophet of Islam used corruption on several occasions. In one famous incident, he bribed his new followers with extra shares of booty after a successful raid. When his loyal followers complained about this, he explained how they needed the extra incentive as they were not yet fully on board with his murderous program.

Another time, Mohammed declared, “If I make an oath, I will keep that oath….unless I find a better one.”

This is hardly the basis for an honest and trustworthy society. Not surprisingly then, corruption has always run rampant in Islamic societies. That isn’t to say that all Muslims are dishonest. But corruption is an accepted part of doing business in Islamic countries, always has been, always will be.

So, if we import large numbers of migrants from countries which are proven to have high levels of corruption, what do we think will happen? Do we expect that these migrants will suddenly become more honest when they walk off the plane?

Of all tiers of government in Australia, none is more prone to corruption than local government. Councils constantly make decisions about land use which are arbitrary and can have huge impacts on land values.

This process is conducted with minimum oversight from the press and little interest from the ratepayers who rarely even vote. We place an inordinate trust in the relationship between councillors and developers, and I’m quite sure this trust is commonly abused.

However, when we throw people into the mix from countries and cultures where corruption is rampant and acceptable, all restraint flies out the window as Auburn Council in Sydney has so famously demonstrated.

Of course, we never had any hard evidence that the approval of mosques by local councils had anything to do with corruption – until now.

I have been involved with a group who have been fighting mosque applications in Logan since 2013. Logan City lies on the outer south side of metropolitan Brisbane and appears to be the current dumping ground of choice for Third World migrants.

Formerly, most of the mosques in South East Queensland were financed by the Deen Brothers. This family is originally from Pakistan and run a profitable demolition business in Queensland. These guys were famous for demolishing the iconic (and protected) Cloudlands Ballroom at 2am for corrupt former Premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

Despite their somewhat unconventional business practices, the Deens had been here for generations and have had no connection to radical Medina style Islam. Their mosques have no history of violence or radicalisation.

The increasing Islamic immigration in recent times however, has been from countries which are so radical that the Australian Government advises Australians not to even visit them. Many of these migrants are being dumped on the people of Logan. Right from the start, we had information that the mosques being built were financed and directed by radical elements out of South West Sydney.

We warned then Councillor Smith and Councillor Swenson of this five years ago. At the time, they were somewhat concerned and sympathetic. They took copies of my book and various other information we gave them.

We even had a meeting with the two of them, as well as a Lebanese Muslim who was a former intelligence officer. He confirmed to them everything we were saying. Even members of the local Islamic community were concerned about these developments.

On the grounds of the sympathetic hearing that Luke Smith gave us, we supported his campaign for Mayor as best we could. However, once in office, Mayor Smith began to change his tune. His concerns about radical Salafists seemed to magically melt away.

Meanwhile, Logan was in the middle of an Islamically inspired terror fest which was centred around the mosques we had identified as dangerous and radical.

At this time, Australia’s first suicide bomber blew himself up in Syria. He came from……yep, you guessed it, Logan.

There was a plot to murder random civilians and behead them on the street in ………..yep, you guessed it, Logan.

Then, there was the Iqraa bookshop in Underwood which is a suburb of Logan. There was a time when the only thing that people in bookshops would prepare, were scones with jam on them and cups of Darjeeling tea.

At the Iqraa Islamic Bookshop, however, the owners were charged with “preparations for incursions into Syria, with the intentions of engaging in hostile activities”. They were also charged with recruiting others – presumably in Logan.

With all this Islamic action going on, you might have thought that Mayor Smith would have been banging on our door and begging for advice. You would of course, have been wrong.

After all of these incidents, we organised a meeting with Mayor Smith and some of his staff. At the meeting, we introduced Luke and his colleagues to a leading academic by the name of Dr Frank Salter.

Frank had prepared a brief for a Social Impact Study on the effect of mosques on local areas around Australia. Dr Salter is an internationally renowned leader in this field.

The brief drew on available data and statistics from existing mosques showing the impact on people in the local areas.

At the meeting, Dr Salter presented an overview of his findings. A proposal was presented to the Mayor for Logan council to fund a more detailed study. This study was to investigate all of the issues faced by people in areas where similar mosques had been built.

This would have given the council the information it needed to make an informed decision on what had shaped up as a highly contentious issue.

I had the impression that the council might have been more receptive if Dr Salter had presented them with a wheelbarrow full of fresh elephant droppings.

One of the attendees at the meeting was a lady by the name of Jane Frawley. She was the Logan Council head of Planning. She was also the head of Multiculturalism. In Logan, these two things seem to be pretty much one and the same.

In April 2017, Ms Frawley told the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Migration that:

“There are definitely pockets of our city where multicultural groups locate close to each other. It is pretty normal: families like to live next to each other, and you enjoy seeing and interacting with people who look, feel and behave the same and enjoy the same food as you.

It is how we end up with places like the Greek community in West End and all of the amazing restaurants. We have similar pockets in our city, but they are fairly dispersed.”

Of course, this affinity for your own race doesn’t apply if you happen to be a white person, particularly if you live in an area being swamped by people from some far off Third World combat zone.

If white people “enjoy seeing and interacting with people who look, feel and behave the same and enjoy the same food as you” then they are evil, racist, bigots.

During the meeting, Ms Frawley informed us that the council had a report from the Scanlon Foundation which included more than enough information for the council to use for decision making.

She also told us that The Scanlon Foundation had made a $600,000 donation to Logan Council. However, I am quite sure that this had no bearing whatsoever on Ms Frawley’s preferences. The Scanlon Foundation is, of course, strongly pro-Multiculturalism.

Mayor Smith had promised us just 15 minutes for the meeting. True to his word (for once) he pretty much slammed the door in our faces the moment our time ran out.

So why was Mayor Smith so keen to support Islam, and multiculturalism in general? We had our suspicions, but no proof- until now.

In recent times, the Crime And Corruption Commission has been taking a closer look at Mayor Luke Smith. On the 13th of June 2017, they heard evidence from a gentleman by the name of Kassen Issa from Logan.

Testimony can be downloaded from here:


Mr Issa is apparently, a formwork chippie. Formworkers make plywood mouldings on building sites which are filled with concrete to create the structure of the building.

Mr Issa and his brother in law have owned a formwork company for the last seven years. This is a highly competitive game and Mr Issa has seven hungry children to feed. It appears however, that Kassen is extraordinarily gifted with a Skil Saw and nail gun.

Apparently, he struck up a friendship with Mayor Smith a couple of years previously through the Syrian and Lebanese community leader Joe Rizk.

Kassem invited Mayor Smith over for dinner on numerous occasions. Whilst Mayor Smith had little time for us, he had plenty of time to dine with Kassem, his wife(s) and seven kids.

I’m not sure why that would be the case. Perhaps it was the grilled sheep’s eyeballs that did it, or the baked camel frittata.

Or perhaps, it was the fact that, as Issa admitted to the commission, he was handing the Mayor envelopes containing tens of thousands of dollars in cash on each occasion.

Making donations to a politician is not illegal of course. However, these donations need to be declared. Kassen Issa’s donations never were.

So why was Issa making these enormous donations to Mayor Smith, and where did he get all of this money from? He claims that he liked Luke’s vision for the future of Logan, but what vision was he talking about? Was it a vision of Logan with a mosque on every corner?

The press has made a big deal of the fact that Mayor Smith has been cavorting around in a powerboat which was bought for him by Chinese interests.

We are constantly told that Multiculturalism is financially beneficial. Well, it certainly seems to have been financially beneficial for Luke Smith.

But this incident links corrupt councillors directly to mosque development approvals. Why has this not been exposed in the press? Why are politicians not demanding answers?

It seems clear to me that Mayor Smith is not the only person of influence who has been dining out on Halal Kebabs.

Al Grassby has been honoured by our politicians as the father of Mulitculturalism. They even erected a statue to him in Canberra. Yet Grassby was proven in court to have been on the Mafia payroll.

He cruelly tried to blame the family of Don Mackay, his political rival, for Mackay’s assassination when it was in fact carried out by Grassby’s Mafia paymasters.

Our current politicians are little better than Mayor Smith. They may pull their snouts out of the Multicultural trough just long enough to mouth some empty platitudes about the wonders of diversity or to lecture us on the evils of racism.

Meanwhile, they are busy undermining the foundations of our entire society.

There are now so many of these insane, corrupt politicians that they pass laws outlawing patriotism. They hector us as “deplorable” and sneer at our stupidity.

Sadly, Mayor Smith has been charged with corruption. I say sadly, because in more sensible times he would have been tried for treason. He, and the whole rotten cabal of them.

Treason was once the most serious crime in the land. To commit murder was to betray one person. Treason was a betrayal of all of us and it carried the severest penalty imaginable.

Yet things are turning. The information age is lifting rocks and exposing political cockroaches where they never expected to be found. People are discovering long held secrets and the anger is rising daily.

Treacherous politicians are doing their level best to undermine civilisation, yet they expect that they will be treated in a civilised way when they are finally found out.

They are living in a fool’s paradise and I just hope I can be around when their chickens come home to roost.

Thanks to David T of Australia Wake Up for graphics