Richardson Post readers are somewhat better informed than the average normie about such things as money and its history.

Most of you probably realise that Central Bank Digital Currencies are a really bad idea. Unfortunately, thanks to Big Tech censorship, we are few.

It’s important, therefore, to wake up the masses to the horror show that this represents.

The following short video is a great way to do this, so share the cr@#p out of it.

Just a point to those non Richardson Post regulars. In the video, they talk about people being punished or restricted by Government. The examples given are mostly Conservative types, climate deniers, the “vaccine hesitant” etc.

It may be tempting to think “Ha! They had it coming to them.” Unfortunately, it won’t stop with people you disagree with.

Once those people have been taken down, they will come for other “non-protected” categories.

First it will be white Conservatives, then White Christian Conservatives, then White Patriotic types and so on. Sooner or later, however, they will burn through all of these categories and then it will just be plain old whites who are in the crosshairs.

Being Left Wing, Woke, pro Transgender rights or whatever, will not be enough to save you. Nothing will satiate the mob except for your destruction.

Do not give this power to the Government or they will eat you alive.